Lacson hits back at Trillanes: Out of touch with reality, if not hallucinating

Senator Panfilo Lacson berated his colleague, Senator Antonio Trillanes for calling the entire Senate 'puppets' of the Duterte administration.

"I don't know where he is coming from and I'm not even sure if he is still rational in his thinking. One thing I'm sure about, he is dead wrong," Lacson said in a text message to the media on Monday.

"He is so out of touch with reality, if not hallucinating too much. Calling one's own colleagues ‘cowards’ or ‘puppets’ wholesale and without qualifying, is the darnedest thing he can do," he added.

The senator commented on the recent mockery of Trillanes where he said that the Senate is now just a mere puppet of Duterte for refusing to investigate the current administration's abuses.

Trillanes literally degraded his colleagues, claiming that the Senate's supposed role as the "last bastion of democracy" and now went down to just being pawn.

"Itong Senado na dati ay ‘yan yung last bastion of democracy eh ngayon, wala na, para na rin kaming mga tuta nitong administrasyon na ’to. Ni ayaw mag-imbestiga eh," Trillanes said in a presscon.

"Dito ako makakakita ng mga senador na takot, kaalyado ka na lang kasi ayaw mo aminin na takot ka eh," he added.

According to the former mutineer, there are some chairpersons of Senate committees who refuses to do their job in castigating the so-called abuses of the current administration.

"Yung mga dapat sana na pumuna eh wala eh, sila yung mga bahag ang buntot," he said, although not pinpointing any of his fellow senators. "Dati, professionalized ang hanay ng kapulisan pero dahil inengganyo magpatay (sic) ng tao eh ngayon, d’yan sa hanay ng kapulisan, may mga mamamatay tao eh. Eh papaano yan, papaano madi-displina later on?" he said.

Trillanes has a message to President Rodrigo Duterte after the NY Times editorial said the International Criminal Court (ICC) must immediately must immediately begin its preliminary investigation against the Philippine President.

"Pick your poison," he said.

He is quite cocky that the ICC will step in after hearing the complaint filed against Duterte where he described as 'quite substantial'.

"He declared a policy of killings that left thousands of Filipinos slaughtered. He didn't lift a finger to stop it. Worse, Duterte even encouraged it," Trillanes said.

"With that, the only requirement left before ICC could assume jurisdiction is whether the local courts are unwilling and unable to prosecute him. But since Duterte has presidential immunity, the only way for our courts to prosecute Duterte is when he is impeached," he explained.

"In other words, if his allies railroad the impeachment complaint, the ICC steps in. So, pick your poison, Mr. Duterte," Trillanes added.

The NY Times published an editorial entitled "Let the World Condemn Duterte" on April 25 (US time). In their editorial, they urged the ICC to immediately meddle in the Philippines regarding the accusations of the self-confessed murderer Edgar Matobato's lawyer Jude Sabio.

"A Filipino lawyer formally asked the International Criminal Court on Monday to charge President Rodrigo Duterte and 11 officials with mass murder and crimes against humanity over the extrajudicial killings of thousands of people in the Philippines over the past three decades. The I.C.C. should promptly open a preliminary investigation into the killings," the editorial said.

"Those conditions might be met if the Philippines House of Representatives, dominated by Mr. Duterte’s allies, quashes, as expected, an impeachment motion filed by an opposition lawyer," it said.

Source: G.M.A