Look at how Pulong Duterte lambasted Raissa Robles in reply to Tweets about the Duterte family

The Duterte critic wannabe, Raissa Robles, g0t another high dosage of her own medicine. Robles, who thoughtlessly asked whether "any other member of the Duterte family" in Marawi, had primarily received a figurative combination punches from Davao City Mayor Sara 'Inday' Duterte.

After her unfortunate knockdown, the self-proclaimed journalist received another hits from the other Duterte sibling. The eldest among the Duterte siblings made sure Robles understood every word, instead of conveying it in Visayan dialect like he always do, he wrote his message in Tagalog, making sure every word is clear to the latter.

"Madam Raissa, sagot ko ito sayo at tatagalugin ko ito para po maintindihan mo," Pulong Duterte began.

The articulate Davao City vice mayor said that the last thing the evacuees of Marawi City needs are politicians who will only use their situation as part of a political ambition. What they really need are food, medical attention and financial support which is why they chose to not personally face the evacuees but instead extend support in their own way that need not to be addressed by the public or the media.

"Ang kailangan po ng mga bakwit ng Marawi ay tulong pinansyal, medikal, pagkain, pakikiramay at pakikiisa; at hindi po isang Pulitiko na magagamit lamang ang sitwasyon ng ating mga kapatid na Maranaw sa pampulitikang ambisyon. Minarapat na po naming hindi na pumunta pa sa mga bakwit at nagpaabot na lamang kami ng aming tulong sa paraan na hindi na po kinakailangan pang ipaalam sa iyo, sa media, at buong mundo."

Both Pulong and Inday Duterte stated that however they may be helping the Maranaos, they are not obliged to inform the media or even the whole world about it.

Pulong stated out that Davao City accepted evacuees from Lanao del Sur and Marawi City. He also pointed out that the help they are giving are not from the Duterte family but from the residents of Davao City. The Duterte's does not take credit in any support their provide to the evacuees of the conflict-stricken city.

"Hindi na po lingid sa kaalaman ng nakararami na ang Davao City, kahit pa man nauna nang binatikos matapos ang Martial Law, ay tumanggap po ng daan-daang indibidwal mula sa Lanao del Sur at Marawi City. Para po sa karagdagan ninyong kaalaman, hindi lang minsan namin silang pinaabutan ng tulong. Ang tulong po namin ay hindi lang mula sa aming pamilya kundi ng buong siyudad ng Davao. Hindi nyo po maririnig o mababasa na sa bawat tulong namin ay mula kina DUTERTE kundi mula po sa mamamayan ng Davao."

The Vice Mayor also argued that unlike Robles' idol politicians, his father and his [President Rodrigo Duterte] politician children are not fond of the media and photo-ops that are tailing every single gesture of the so-called good deeds. For them, the important thing is to reach out their support without media coverage.

"Mula pa po sa aming ama, Mayor Rody at kaming mga anak nya ay kung pwede lamang ay iiwas at iiwas sa media o sa ano mang mga photo-ops na nakakapangilabot. Hindi po kasi kami kagaya ng mga idol ninyong Pulitiko na sa lahat ng kilos ay kailangan sinusundan ng media, kailangang may picture sa bawat kilos, kailangang naka-tweet. Ang importante lamang po sa amin ay napaabot namin ang aming tulong."

It seems that Robles has too many time to waste on Twitter. Pulong Duterte also asked about what have she contributed to the Marawi City evacuees other than her non-stop blabbering and tirades on the Duterte family.

He told her to give herself a favor and pray for the evacuees instead of criticizing the President and his administration. She should pay a visit to the evacuees too.

"Kayo po, mukhang ang dami ninyong time sa Twitter, may time ba kayo para pumunta sa mga bakwit ng Marawi? Baka naman ngawa lang din kayo ng ngawa sa social media, batikos nang batikos sa pamilyang Duterte at sa administrasyon, pero wala rin naman nagawa para sa mga bakwit?

Kung may nagawa kayo, kung nakatulong, salamat po.

Sana po ay bigyan nyo po ang sarili nyo ng kaunting pabor -- mag-pray po kayo. At imbis na tira ng tira sa administrasyong Duterte, pumunta rin kayo sa mga bakwit ng Marawi.

O di kaya ay tumanggap ng bakwit mula sa Marawi."

In an earlier comment, Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte roasted Robles for her malicious tweets. She labeled the latter as a Feather B or feather-brained and clarified to the journalist that they are not similar to her who is just a chismosa and epal to narrate every single detail in the help they provided for the evacuees.

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Source: Pulong Duterte