Mag-iina sa Pampanga, sinilaban ng kanilang padre de pamilya

The Internet sure has blessed us with amazing things over the years since it has been developed. Social media is one of these pleasure given to us by the internet. We were given the privilege to openly and publicly share to the world what we think.

But internet usage, especially social media use, also needs to be modulated. The freedom to post anything has continuously been abused by those who are overwhelmed by such privilege.

Responsible use of social media has sure become a relevant topic in the 21st century, because apparently, it can affect lives, even take one. Just like what happened to this family who was set on fire because of Facebook.

A Facebook post caused the death of a 3-month old baby and injured two more people when the suspect set the three on fire.

The suspect, Ferdinand Igmat, from Sta. Rita, Pampanga was reported to have been infuriated by the Facebook post by his live-in partner, Jennylyn Ramos, stating that he is ugly and looks like a horse.

According to the police investigation, this post angered the suspect that when he arrived from work after reading the Facebook post, he was already carrying gasoline.

Sr. Insp. Leonardo Lacambra of Sta. Rita PNP said that the Facebook post may have angered the suspect due to embarrassment. He added that the suspect still had a conversation with his live in partner, Jennylyn. He asked her to delete the post, otherwise, he will set them on fire.

Reports stated that Igmat was carrying six liters of gasoline. He was said to have poured the gas on the three, his live-in partner, and their 1-year old and 3-month old children. The three was said to have been sleeping while the suspect poured the gas on them.

He then set the three on fire. Jennylyn Ramos then woke up and ran outside their house where the neighbors helped the three put out the fire by pouring water over them.

In the defense of Ferdinand Igmat, he said he just wanted to scare Jennylyn. He did not mean to have hurt and killed his family.

Igmat added that he started to set a small area of their house on fire to convince his live in partner to delete the post. He did not expect to for the three victims to be caught on fire.

Apparently, the three caught the flames. Upon seeing that his younger child is burning, the suspect was reported to have hugged the child to put out the flame, causing the burns on his right arm.

The three victims received burns.

Unfortunately, the 3-month old kid died from the injury. Ramos and her 1-year old child is currently in critical condition. They are now being treated at Jose B. Lingad Regional Memorial Hospital.

Watch the full video report below.
Ermilita Igmat, the aunt of the suspect defended him by saying that he loved his family, especially their children.

Ferdinand Igmat, the suspect, will be filed with two counts of frustrated murder and homicide for what he has done.
Source: News TV5 and Radyo Inquirer