Mayor Inday Duterte grilled Raissa Robles for a pretentious inquiry towards the Presidential family

Once again, Sara Duterte, Mayor of Davao City did some grilling and this time it's a malicious bird lurking in the four corners of Twitter, probably trapped there forever.

The so-called investigative journalist Raissa Robles was burnt by the feisty and always on point Inday Duterte after tweeting spiteful questions towards President Rodrigo Duterte's family.

This early Robles tweeted as early as 3:43 AM on 12th of July asking if anyone in the family of the President has gone to visit the evacuees in Marawi City.

 Apparently, Inday Duterte have had enough of the thoughtless tirades of Robles and finally spoke up to enlighten the lost Feather B. She simply gave her a piece of her intellect, clarifying that unlike her, they are not 'epal' and does not have the obligation to report everything they do to her.

Robles also received a beating from Duterte supporters on Twitter, one of them even copied her question replacing 'Duterte' to 'Robles'.

Source: Pinoythinking