Netizen exposed the true colors of the ARROGANT first time senator Hontiveros!

To Paula Defensor-Knack, younger sister of the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, first impression definitely lasts, even if its already been 25 years ago. This is what she has proven through the help of Senator Risa Hontiveros, the loathsome lady lawmaker who totally contradicts herself.

In her Facebook account, Knack shared her first-hand experiences with her encounters with Hontiveros, which all of them are unforgettably displeasing.

Knack booked the quickest flight from Europe after learning the news of her sister's death. She was in her simplest black attire and hardly wore make up as her right eyes swelled after the flight. She proceeded to the cathedral all by herself.

Upon arriving, ushers escorted her to the front row and saw several senators were present at the wake. One of them is Hontiveros. Knack passed by the latter and greeted her 'Hello'. She stood right in front of the lawmaker, thinking to offer a handshake, to Knack's surprise, Hontiveros only looked at her then moved her head towards the front. Hontiveros didn't greeted her back, not a single word, as if her 'Hello' was a disturbance to the first-time incumbent lawmaker.

Moments later, camera lights started flashing at the young Defensor sibling as reporters recognized her. She was greeted by Senator Ralph Recto, as well as the other Senators, JV Ejercito and Guingona. She also heard her named called out by the Senate President Koko Pimentel.

Knack then noticed Hontiveros acted anxiously towards, she thought the lawmaker finally realized that she's actually related to the late senator, but still, no word from her. Not even an apology for ignoring a greeting. Knack was just standing in front of Hontiveros, but never did she heard her talk. Even until all the other senators left, "nothing from Hontiveros.

As the younger Defensor sibling narrated, this wasn't the first time Hontiveros acted weird.

The first time was way back in 1991 or 1992, probably a check-up at the pediatrician Dr. Lucdan's clinic in Capitol Medical. Knack and other mothers were with their babies at the waiting area when Hontiveros showed up. Everyone smiled at her, but none of them got a reaction from the lady senator, as if all of them were invinsible or non-existent. She heard someone said, "Ayaw nya eh.. eh di wag...." Referring the snobby Hontiveros, who failed to greet anyone.

The second time was a similar event but with different mothers. That was Knack's cue, she told herself to never talk to Hontiveros ever.

To Knack, it is just a proper manner to acknowledge the presence those who took the time to visit the wake of her late sister, those who had to travel far just to get to Quezon City to be with the deceased's family. But the way Hontiveros treated her, she had to ask herself if that loathsome woman has a problem.

Furthermore, Knack stated Hontiveros is now imitating her late sister's Youth Resist and Akbayan Youth. The other one who mimicked was Senator Leila de Lima who ended up in jail for drug-related offenses.

To her, if Hontiveros is to be the one to lead the youth, a dark future is ahead. Her mass movement to oust the current administration doesn't have a clear view of what is up against the country and doesn't have a "bright prospect thereafter".

The PhiliHealth issue of Hontiveros was also mentioned in Knack's rant, questioning the lady senator's qualifications to be in a "health insurance company".

Hontiveros also lied about her year of appointment at the government's health insurance. It's only been a month since she was appointment, but still used the health insurance company to advertise herself for the senatorial elections. She still haven't disclosed the source of her TV campaign ads worth P440,000 per showing.

After she left PhilHealth, the company can no longer pay hospital claims worth of hundred of millions.

However, Knack said the COMELEC did nothing to address this. Her late sister, Senator Miriam Santiago "detested the blind eye of COMELEC to all TV ads of govt.".

She also called out to put Hontiveros behind bars for committing malversation.

At the end of her Facebook exposé, she questioned the sudden switching of Hontiveros' party list. From Akbayan to the Liberal Party that is flooded by plunder issues. She also claimed it was because the lawmaker did this switching because she has a "capitalist orientation".

Even her interview regarding martial law in Mindanao made her into a laughing stock. For someone who was a member of the NDF peace panel, how could she not recognize rebellion?

"Too much air, no substance," Knack described. Also, she called Hontiveros a very arrogant first time senator. She desperately clung to plunderers for money after losing several previous elections.

"You are a freak show all by yourself," she ended.

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Source: Paula Defensor Knack