P9M Worth of Cash Caught to be Laundered to Malaysia

A local businessman from Jolo, Sulu was caught on act by Bureau of Customs officials to be carrying P9 million pesos in an attempt to travel to Malaysia.

Isnaji Sadjail Dakukah, the said businessman, was reported to have been carrying a suspicious carton container. He was held at the Zamboanga City Port when the carton container he was carrying went through the x-ray machine.

He is a resident of Jolo, Sulu and is on his way to Malaysia.

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The supervising officer in charge of the x-ray machine noticed the suspicious carton container. The container was scanned twice and when the container was found to have been filled with money amounting to P9 million, the operator then immediately called police officers.

The Bureau of Customs officials reported that the container had bundles of one-thousand and five hundred bills.

According to the law, a maximum of P50,000 is the only allowable amount that can be carried by those who are traveling abroad.

In Sadjail's defense, he said he intends to use the said amount of money to buy noodles and other products.

The businessman may be charged for the said act for violating the Anti-Money Act.

Jolo, Sulu is part of Mindanao which was put under martial law by President Rodrigo Duterte following the attack and siege of the Maute group in Marawi City, along with other terrorist groups such as the Abu Sayyaf.

Martial law is still implemented in Mindanao despite the fact that the Revised Constitution of 1987 states that a proclamation of a martial law can only last up to 60 days. Beyond that, the Supreme Court must decide whether to extend or revoke it.

However, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has filed a 5-month extension of his martial law proclamation in Mindanao to continue pursue and kill all the remaining terrorists in Marawi City.

The Supreme Court is yet to decide whether to approve of Duterte's plea to extend martial law.

Updates on Marawi revealed that around 100 soldiers and police officers were already killed in the ongoing battle between government troops and the terrorists. While 400 members of the terrorist group have been killed since the start of the battle. A lot of civilians were also wounded and killed in the course of the fight.

Photo from Inquirer
President Duterte was praised for addressing the peace and order situation of Marawi City and the Philippines during his second State of the Nation Address held last Monday at the Batasan Complex.

Just outside the venue of his SONA, a crowd of protesters are staging a rally to complain and demand for Duterte to hear their concerns, such as to resume the peace talks with the Communist Part of the Philippines, represent by its founder, Jose Maria Sison. Other concerns cried by the protesters are the victims of extrajudicial killings and to end contractualization.

After his SONA speech, the President went out of the Batasan Complex to meet and interact with the protesters, addressing them and asked for mutual respect between them, as well as pointing out several assassination attempts staged by members of the New People's Army.

Source: GMA News