PAO will not provide lawyer for Bulacan Massacre suspect; Drug test results came out NEGATIVE

The Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) released a statement their office is not open to provide a lawyer for the Bulacan massacre suspect.

Through Chief Atty. Persida Acosta in a media interview, she announced that they will not provide help for suspect who murdered a family not to mention raped two of the women.

Acosta said that the victims' family who first seeked for their help, which means that if they accept to provide a lawyer for the criminal, there would be a conflict of interest.
She also said that they want justice to prevail in this murder case, mentioning the fact that there were minors, even a one-year old child's life wasn't spared.

She also expressed that this is what drugs can do to anyone using it, illegal drugs is the root cause why some people commit evil things.

"So wala na po syang puwang sa aming opisina," she said. "(Kung gusto nya) Private lawyer po, kung gusto nya naman volunteer lawyer pwede nyang hanapin. Pero ngayon po sarado ang pintuan ng PAO sa kanya," she added.

Asked what if the court [for PAO to provide lawyer for the suspect], "Di na po namin pwedeng tanggapin dahil conflict of interest na po. Pasensya po, dahil ang Public Attorney's Office po ay may bagon batas ito po ay 'Principal Law Office of the Government' hindi lang po pang-akusado lang kami. Pag nauna po ang mga biktima, biktima po ang aming uunahin."

Acosta also said that their public service is, "First come, first serve" basis.

"At sa klaseng krimen po na ito ay hindi kami papayag, na hindi magkaroon ng hustisya. Lalo po yung mga batang, mga menor de edad, may isang taong gulang. Aba'y ito po yung sinasabi ko at ipinaliliwanag ko na ang droga po ay yan ang ugat ng matitinding kasamaan," she exclaimed.

Contrary to the previous claim of the murder suspect of under the influence of drugs, his lab tests came out negative for illegal drugs.

A construction worker Carmelino “Miling” Navarro Ibañez confessed to the crime of murdering a family in Bulacan along with two cohorts. He claimed that he used illegal drugs and was under the influence of it while committing the heinous crime.

However, Philippine National Police Region 3 director C/Supt. Aaron Aquino said that Ibañez was negative of drug use.

"Si Ibañes ay napa-drug test na natin kahapon. At nag-negative yung result ni Ibañes sa drug tests, within 24 hours nag-negative siya," he said.

His test results may be negative but this doesn't mean that he never used illegal drugs.

"Chineck ko sa chemist kung ano yung mga rason kung bakit nagne-negative after 24 hours use of drugs, ang sabi niya, most likely mas mabilis ang metabolism ni Ibañes or yung quality ng in-intake niya ay masyadong maliit or yung quality naman ng shabu ay hindi ganon ka-concentrate nung ginamit niya or nagpapawis siya o madalas siyang umiihi kaya talagang medyo nag-negative siya sa drug test," Aquino said.

"Yung chemist naman namin ay may kanya-kanyang explanation kung bakit nagne-negative. It doesn’t mean pag nagne-negative ka ay hindi ka drug user kasi pinagtapat ni Ibañes na noon ay regular user siya na halos araw-araw," he added.

Aquino said that the suspect stated he was only using [drugs] once a week for the past month. Which is the reason why traces of drugs in his system easily fades away.

"Pero the past month eh, once a week na lang daw siya gumagamit, so ito rin yung rason kung kaya madaling mawala yung droga sa katawan ‘pag occassionally ka na lang nagtete-take ng drugs mas madaling mawala sa system ang droga," he explained.

Meanwhile, his other accomplice, Tony, is now also under the custody of the police.

Source: News5, TNP