Pinaghuhubad ang mga lalaking residente sa Marawi para masigurong hindi myembro ng Maute Group

Civilians in Marawi were told to take off their top clothing by government troops to make sure that they do not carry any weapons or firearms.

The said action was reported to have been mandated by the higher authorities of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

This extra precaution is being done by the government troops. It can be remembered that there were allegations spreading about civilians being hired or working for the Maute group and other terrorist groups in Marawi. These civilians are said to be paid by these terrorist groups.

According to the government troops of the Armed Forced of the Philippines and Philippine National Police in Marawi, such precautionary measure is important as they also need to secure their safety due to their already high number of AFP and PNP members.

The armed troops from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police have installed a public speaker where they announce the time and place where civilians who are still possibly trapped in the battle areas in Marawi can proceed and can be saved.

Photo from Philstar
"Kaya kayo ay inuutusan namin na lumbas at lumapit sa mga sundalo at mga pulis. Ang oras ng pagpunta sa Banggolo Bridge ay sa ganap na alas singko ng umaga hanggang alas tres ng hapon," announced the government troops using the public speaker system.

Four civilians were recently saved last Wednesday. The four civilians were salvaged by the government troops after 45 days of hiding and being trapped in the battleground of the government force and the terrorist groups.

The four salvaged civilians were able to escape from their entrapment while the government bombed the areas of the Maute. They were able to see an opening and immediately proceeded to reach the area of the government troops.

The four civilians went the precautionary procedure of taking off their shirts to assure they are not armed. The four also waved a white cloth while running towards the area of the government troops.

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According to one of the four salvaged civilians, Ronnie Villanueva, they were able to survive by contacting their relatives after they found a spare cellphone battery.

In addition, the four civilians said that they decided to initiate the escape when they saw that the number of the militants in the area where they were hiding had also reduced.

The four civilians were given medical attention and were given debriefing as soon as they were escorted to safety and reunited with their families.

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The AFP stated the despite the decreasing number of the terrorist groups, they were still a mobile group therefore the government forces also change locations every once in a while.

"Kasi 'yung kalaban highly mobile," said an AFP officer.

In addition, the AFP also added that the recent number of the officers in Marawi is being distributed to equally accommodate areas that need security.

They added that the government is also ready to send reinforcements anytime that the AFP and PNP need it.

Source: Philstar