PMA Alumnus to Trillanes: You're a shame! Just resign!

Well, this one is not new to anyone who knows the blabbermouth Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. He's been told many times, people with different social status, to just resign and vanish to somewhere unknown.

The trying hard critic wannabe of President Rodrigo Duterte was once again told to resign from his post as Senator of the Philippines.

The Facebook post of Abe Purugganan, a pro-Duterte Philippine Military Academy (PMA) alumnus, is a response to recent remarks of the senator in relation to the proposition of extendin martial law in Mindanao.

The senator said the extension of martial is "totally not justified".

"In other words, the people of Mindanao would be inconvenienced by Martial Law just to neutralize the 60 Mautes who are cornered in Marawi?" Trillanes said.

"That's just a whimsical misuse of power. Then again, I have already forewarned the public of Duterte's authoritarian tendencies and this is another proof of it," he said.

Annoyed by the senator's remarks, Purugganan took it to his Facebook account his insights and displeased reply to Trillanes.

He wrote that the senator is insulting the entire "defense department, the military and police, and the intelligence community by saying that the extension of martial law is a whimsical use of power".

He asked if Trollanes forgot that these are the people who recommended extending martial law to the Philippines. The people who risks their lives in gathering intelligence in order to make and deliver accurate reports and decisions for the sake of the entire Mindanao.

He asked if Trillanes thinks that they're just being impulsive on their decisions, or maybe the senator has a better understanding of the situation in Marawi than the ones who are actualy working on the ground.

Trillanes just insulted the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police's leadership for questioning and calling their suggestion a 'whimsical misuse of power'.

Purugganan is wondering if the senator is"aware of the strategic and operational implications of the threat situation, as well as the magnitude of the military and police operation required to neutralize the situation". Could it be that he is fully aware of how the AFP and PNP did their best, even using all means they think is appropriate in responding to the situation of Marawi, knowing what are the steaks and consequences if their decision is wrong.

Moreover, Purugganan asked if "is it whimsical to suffer? Is it whimsical for homes to be destroyed and lose all that the people of Marawi have built and invested for the future of their families?"

"Is it whimsical for Christians and Muslims to be executed by terrorists? Mr Trillianes has insulted the 45 civilians who were executed by terrorists and the reported 300 civilians who are still unaccounted for," he wondered.

Finally, the PMA alumnus states that the senator's statements are obvious expressions of his real desires in putting all of Filipinos lives in danger. He is a reckless and irresponsible public. Shame on him.

Purugganan said Trillanes should resign.

Read his entire post below:

What do you think of Trillanes finally resigning from his position as senator? His actions are unbecoming and uncalled for as an official voted by the Filipino people.

Source: Abe Purugganan, GMA