PNP Chief Dela Rosa to U.S.A commission: ‘WAG KAYO MAKIALAM

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa was fuming in annoyance towards the United States.

PNP chief Dela Rosa is very much pessimistic towards the United States for its plans to investigate the all-out war against illegal drugs.

He said that the US does not have the right to meddle in the issues of the Philippines.

"Why are they considering us to be the 51st state of US, wala ba tayong sovereignty? I don’t know anong rason nila; are we a province of US… they can investigate sa kanila, bahala sila, wala kaming pakialam sa kanila, hindi naman kami sakop ng Amerika," he said.

Moreover, he pointed out that the US must not use the help it gives in the country as an excuse to investigate the current administration's leadership.

"Bakit gagawin nilang rason yung aid na ihinto nila dahil nga sa war on drugs? I dont know, pabayaan mo nga sila," he added.

Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC), a US congressional body of the US hHouse committee on foreign affairs is set to conduct a investigation regarding the so-called "human rights consequences" of the war on drugs in the Philippines.

The Philippines, being a treaty ally and the major recipient of assistance from US, presented an inquiry on how it should balance their concerns for "protecting human rights and the rule of law, with its desire to maintain the bilateral alliance and continue to pursue other shared goals".

Although Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella respects US government on its decision in investigating, he hopes that they will not base their inquiry on "insinuations and hasty judgments."

"We respect the views of the commission and we greatly value the support of the United States that they have given to us and to continue to give our country as we address our important economic and social development objectives," Abella said.

"Having said that, we also believe that the issues that are the focus of the commission hearing must be discussed in the context of the scope of the challenge that we face and the actions we are taking to address it," he added.

He also stated that the US commission must verify all information to ensure their conclusion has a solid basis.

"Insinuations and hasty judgments have no place in due process. Numbers should be verified and information should be crosschecked so that the ensuing conclusions have a solid basis in fact," he said.

"Global experts have recognized the intrinsic link between terrorism and crime specifically the manufacturing and trafficking of illicit drugs," he added.

Source: News5, Sunstar