READ: Davao PNP Receives Praise for Helping Netizen

Ever since Mindanao was put under Martial Law, the proclamation received different reactions from citizens. There are people who are in favor of putting the power in the military and sending the nation's best policemen and military officers in Mindanao.

However, some showed their disapproval of the proclamation in fear that the military might abuse their power during the Martial Law and might cause human rights violations.

Yet, just today, a citizen proved that the number of policemen and military personnel in Mindanao can actually benefit the citizens.

A citizen who lost his documents and passport in one of the Davao City jeepneys praised the efficiency of the Davao PNP and its governing bodies for helping him locate his lost things.

Photo from Brigada News Davao FB post

Brigada News Davao posted the story of citizen, Dexter Quizada, on their Facebook page, at around 7 AM today.

According to Dexter, he left his documents at the front seat of an Ecoland-SM route jeepney. It was only 20 minutes after he got down the vehicle when he realized that he didn't have his things with him, and in fact, left it in the jeepney.

He added that he panicked and hyperventilated because his flight back to Qatar is tonight. He narrated that he took three cabs to follow the route in hopes of finding the jeepney where he left his things. He was not able to find it.

He then called 911 and according to him, he was immediately answered by a lady who took all his descriptions. He added that the lady then alerted the military personnel in the specific route to check the jeepneys passing that route for the lost documents and passport of Dexter.

"I wanted to stay positive. After all. it's Davao City and it's presently under Martial Law," Dexter Quizada narrated.

He added that after less than an hour, he got all his documents back.

"The officer below, ang nag-make sure na lahat ng specific jeep is napapahinto n'ya to check and ran after them, too," Dexter said.

Photo from Brigada News Davao FB Post

As a sign of gratitude, I offered this good officer for a snack but he politely declined. This gesture really impressed me from the core," Dexter further narrated.

He also added that if it hadn't been for the officer who found his documents and passport, he would have been stuck in Davao and would probably lose his job in abroad.

He praised the Davao policemen saying, "Davao's Policemen are indeed the Philippines' finest and the Task Force Davao is just about as reliable and approachable. All of these summed up to an unparalleled confidence that the people of Davao have to the brand of security and protection from our noble police and military men."

The Facebook post garnered affirmation from netizens, both Davawenyos and non-Davawenyos.

"You're lucky to have good Police Officers Davao, and protect your documents and restored them all. #ThankYouPoliceOfficersDavao," said netizen, Knarf Campaner.

"It's not only the officer who help, how about the person you called on 911 then the team who help to put a checkpoint. It's not just an act of one but a group, a group of reliable people," netizen, Jam Velez, commented.