READ: Internet Goes Crazy When Baste Duterte Randomly Messaged a Lady and Thanks Her for the Kilig

The internet is now a place for ordinary citizens and celebrities and famous personalities alike. It has become an avenue for ordinary people to interact with prominent people as the only thing left in between people and celebrities is a cellphone or computer screen.

There had already been a lot of cases of netizens who had interactions with celebrities. These rare situations often go viral because it is not everyday that these celebrities get to have the time to personally answer to netizens.

So when Baste Duterte randomly sent a netizen a private message, screen shots of their conversation went extremely viral. The interaction taunted envy among other ladies.

At the eve of July 6, netizen Rachel Amestoso shared on her timeline a post by Craig De Leon containing a list of 10 most disturbing films ever made. The post was entitled, 10 Movies So Disturbing You Will Regret Watching Them.

Ms. Amestoso captioned the post saying, "If you enjoy these movies as much as I do, marry me."

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Of course, Ms. Amestoso apparently did not expect for any celebrity to notice her post, much more respond to it.

But Baste Duterte turned out to have the same taste of movies as she has.

Ms. Amestoso received a private message from Baste Duterte.

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"A Clockwork Orange tanawa wala diha sa list common man unta to," said the private message sent by Baste Dutere to Rachel.

"Wala sad ko kadungug ana ever," replied Rachel.

The funny thing is that at that point of the conversation, Rachel was still clueless who sent her the message. She seemed to have been overwhelmed by the mere mechanism to respond without looking at the chat header to find out the person who sent her the message.

But she eventually realized after sending her first response. Ms. Amestoso said she has never heard of such film. Their conversation continued as the two seemed to share a love for those kinds of movies. Baste shared that he loves watching such movies because it relaxes him, due to their bizarre and unusual treatment.

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He asked Rachel where she is from to which she answered that she is from Leyte.

The two exchanged compliments, with Baste kicking off saying Rachel is beautiful to which she further teased Baste back to his alleged girlfriend, Ellen Adarna. Baste stood his ground and teased back, saying that he even forgot about Ellen when Rachel replied.

Their conversation had to end as Rachel bid Baste good night as she still has to work the next morning.

She thanked Baste for the suggestion and told him she will download a copy of the film. Finally, she thanked him for the kilig feeling.

But what Baste replied made the hearts of other ladies fill with envy. He insisted he should be the one thanking Rachel for making him kilig that time.

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Rachel shared their conversation on Facebook and Twitter and it immediately went viral.

What do you think of their conversation? Was it just a typical chat between two people? Or did it involve more than just a friendly conversation? What has Ellen to say of the post? Share your thoughts with us at the comment section.

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