READ: Why Manny Pacquiao Continues to Fight as Boxer Despite Bashing and Criticisms

Senator Manny Pacquiao recently fought against Jeff Horn at their boxing match on July 2 held in Brisbane, Australia. Sen. Pacquiao fought to defend his welterweight belt against the Australian, Horn.

Although the senator, Manny Pacquiao, lost against his Australian opponent, the undefeated Jeff Horn, Manny Pacquiao still brought home his assured share of the fight, a total of 10 million dollars or approximately 450 million pesos.

Manny Pacquiao became a former eight-division champion due to his loss. However, this current loss may not have done much damage to his value and image as a Filipino boxing legend, as he is a recipient of several prestigious awards. He was once awarded The Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year, Best Fighter ESPY Award, Philippine Legion of Honor, and once a PSA Athlete of the Year.

Senator Manny Pacquiao has acquired quite a large amount of money throughout the course of his boxing career to be able to own several properties, as well as millions worth of assets.

With such amount of money on hand, it is only valid to believe that Many Pacquiao also shares his blessings to other people, as a boxer that we know him of, and even outside the senate.

However, he wasn't able to publicize his charity work in the past.

Not until a video was posted on Manny Pacquiao's official page on July 7, 2017.

The said video contained Manny as he shared away his "blessings" to other people. Netizens also noticed that Manny seemed to have only come out of the gym from his regular training.

It was reported that no one knew where the video came from. But it is clear that Senator Manny Pacquiao has a heart to help other people.

He said this is the reason why he continues to fight as a boxer inside the ring. Apparently, he uses his earnings to help those who need help, especially that their family has also been involved in politics. He spends his money by sharing this to the people as seen in the video posted on his Facebook page.

However, more issues still surround the boxer-senator.

The recent fight has become controversial because of the decision. Majority may have expected Manny to win the fight, even boxing analysts. However, the three judges of the fight gave a unanimous decision for the fight, favoring Pacquiao's opponent, the Australian, Jeff Horn.

Filipino netizens have showed their dismay and disappointment about the fight stating that Horn's victory was a clear cheat, as the Australian obviously used unconventional boxing techniques and was tolerated by the referee.

The recent fight of Manny Pacquiao against the Australian, Jeff Horn, was criticized by many Filipinos saying that Manny should already stop his boxing career and focus on his job as a senator of the Philippines. The bashers stated that Manny Pacquiao said during the campaign period that he will focus on being a senator once he gets elected, which apparently happened.

Senator Manny Pacquiao is also criticized as a senator because of his attendance issues.

What do you think of this? Are you in favor for Pacquiao to continue his boxing career despite the criticisms against him? Or are you for Pacquiao to focus on his job as a senator?
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Source: TNP