READ:American-National Says Duterte is one thousand times better than U.S. President Donald Trump"

"President Rodrigo Duterte is a thousand times better than U.S. Presdeitn Donald Trump!"

This statement created so much fuss in the internet as the video interview where it was taken has become viral. Not only was this another ordinary praise for the current Philippine president, Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, but this statement particularly came from an American national!

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The mentioned video interview was part of the recent episode of the show, "Raffy Tulfo in Action". The said episode featured two guests, Ms. Helen Alegado Culp and Mr. Vernon Baldeston.

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The tow are a couple who are currently residing at Los Angeles, near the Historic Filipino District.

Ms. Helen Alegado Culp is a Filipina who was once a teacher in Ateneo de Davao and is actually a former teacher of Raffy Tulfo's.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vernon Baldeston is an American-national who is the husband of Ms. Helen.

According to Ms. Helen, she really admires the competence being shown by President Duterte. She said that Presdient Duterte stands out among the other presidents after the late Ferdinand Marcos, as these previous presidents, according to her, were all mediocre.

Ms. Helen added that she thinks President Duterte is "willing to do anything for the masa."

However, the one thing that really stood out in the interview was the statement made by Mr. Vernon, comparing President Duterte with U.S. President Donald Trump, further praising Pres. Duterte for a job well done.

"President Rodrigo Duterte is a thousand times better than U.S. Presdeitn Donald Trump!" stated Mr. Vernon Baldeston.

In addition, Mr. Vernon also compared Mr. Duterte with Eliot Ness, a U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation officer in the 1900s and as the one responsible for detaining the infamous criminal, Al Capone and pacifying the crime in the United States during the 1930s.

The statement created such a fuss and excitement among netizens especially those who are fans and supporters of President Duterte. These netizens and Duterte supporters showed their delight over the made statement of Mr. Nelson in the comment section, stating their agreement, as well as appreciating the American-national for the praise.

Facebook user, Mimay Flestado, stated that: "Wala sa kalingkingan si Donald Trump kay President Du30."

Meanwhile, another Facebook user affirmed the praise.

"Kahit dito sa HK, sabi ng mga amo ko, one of a kind daw ang new President ng Philippines," said Facebook user Ahlhet Rodriguez.

The netizens also stated their dismay that President Duterte received praie from foreigners but get criticized by his fellow Filipinos.

The elated feeling of the netizens and Duterte fans and followers over the statement of American-national, Mr. Baldeston is rooted from the criticism that the President has constantly received from his critics.

President Rodrigo Duterte is infamous for his anti-drug campaign that has killed a lot of people throughout is course. The campaign has received negative comments and remarks as it involved the issue of extra-judicial killings or the killing of suspects without proper trial. It was even said that the number of casualties at the anti-drug campaign by Duterte was larger than that of the Martial Law victims during Marcos' time.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you agree with Mr. Vernon that Duterte is competent and is even better than Trump? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: TNP