Suspect Confessed Guilty to Samal Beauty Queen's Murder and Rape

One of the arrested suspects to the murder and alleged rape of former beauty queen from the Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte has confessed guilty to the crime.

As reported by "Balita Pilipinas" on Friday, two "persons of interest" have been placed under investigation for their alleged involvement in the murder and alleged death of Island Garden City of Samal's beauty pageant contestant.

Photo from Philstar
P/Supt. Marcial Magistrado, police provincial director of Davao del Norte, identified the victim as 19-year old Kimberly Boston Autida, a Community Development student and 4th runner up from last year's Mutya ng Samal.

Elvin Juna, 20, was reported to have confessed to the crime of murder and rape.

On Wednesday afternoon, the victim, Autida, was found already lifeless in a muddy area with her hands tied, just few meters away from their house in Upper Ilib, Barangay Adecor.

According to police investigation investigation, the victim received several blows on her stomach caused by severe punching that has disoriented her internal organs, such as her liver, to have caused  internal bleeding, and eventually her death. Police investigators also suspected that the victim may have been strangled.

According to further investigation by chief of police P/Supt. Noel Asumen, the victim usually goes to the house of her grandmother to cook and attend to the small store. So the family of the victim was surprised when she was not able to arrive one day at her grandmother's house, until her lifeless and naked body was found just 500 meters away from their house on Wednesday afternoon.

Police investigations suspects that the suspects have forcibly taken the victim while on her way to her grandmother's.

P/Supt. Asumen added that according to the autopsy of the victim's body, there were really signs of sexual assault, aside from the traces of punching in the victim's stomach.

Two persons of interest were placed under investigation after pieces of their clothing were found in nearby areas of the crime scene. The two were identified as Ricardo Sale, 50 and Elvin Juna, 20 who were also known by the victim.

Ricardo Sale's blood-stained shirt was retrieved in a fish pond near the crime scene. Meanwhile, Juna was arrested when his jacket was found at the crime scene. The suspect, Juna, was also reported to have bruises and scratches on his body that has garnered suspicion on his involvement in the crime.

Jerson Autida, the father of the victim, stated his grief over her daughter's death.

"Maayopa ako ang guipatay kontra sa akong anak. Dako kaayo og pangarap ang akong anak.. Buotan na nga bata. Naa pa mi sa simbahan. Choir pa gani na siya didto sa usep mintal. (It would have been better if I was the one killed instead of her. She had big plans. She is a good child. She was even a member of the church choir)," Jerson Autida told the reporters.

Juna is currently put into prison at Samal Police Station while waiting to be charged with murder and rape cases.