The Girl Who Balanced 8 Jobs to Study in College,Finally Reached Her Dream! Read her inspiring testimony!

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." ~ Matthew 19:26

To someone who is not financially unstable, earning a college degree might just be a dream. The degree that will become the key to a more comfortable life might seem too far away, but that there's no reason to give up. Not now.

In order to continue their studies, some students try their best to manage both studying and working part-time to sustain their school needs.

Meet Geoselle Dela Cruz, one of the outstanding students in University of the Philippines-Diliman. She was born in a family paralyzed by the effects of poverty. Despite her situation, she was still able to be triumphant at the end of journey as a student.

How did she do it? Like other students, she too tried to manage both school and part-time job, having at least eight jobs wasn't an easy thing to do.

Geoselle shared her success story on her Facebook account.

She described how her financial crisis became a huge hindrance in her everyday life as a student. There were days when doesn't have any money for transportation. Whenever her tuition fee payment will be delayed, she often had to resort in promissory notes and noted that she was never able to pay any school/dorm fee on time. She had to work hard and save up money before securing herself photocopy readings and complete subject requirements.

During her last semester, her mother was hospitalized while her brother had mental health problem which resulted to her being a "solid Ate" for her family. She spent her thesis days at home in the dark, literally in the dark because their electric line was cut off.

All of these, she said, God was there. The limitless God she found.

"Para sa lahat ng 'to, nandoon Ka.
ALL OF THESE BATTLES, and You won them all," she wrote.

Geoselle stated that she was raised & trained to be a "Diskarte Queen", growing up with the mindset that everything has a way of achieving it.

She did almost all the "raket" or jobs she know she can do. From being tutor for 3 years, dance choreographer, rappel instructor, thesis transcriber for fellow students, sold pre-loved clothes, back-up dancer, hosting and MC-ing in some events, became a contest judge and sold different snacks.

"All these rakets provided for me for a little while, but all of these were temporary—It drained me & it didn’t sustain me," she said.

To her, when every ways to survive are all gone, God is always there for her.

"The One who truly provided for all my needs since day 1—even when I do not ask, even when I do not deserve. And when I met Him, I lacked nothing.
I have experienced to be empty-handed, yet still felt like I’m overflowing.
I have learned to be grateful, even if nothing’s going right.
I have learned that I no longer have to prove anything, for He already made me worthy.
I have realized that His ways are higher than my ways, and His plans are better than my plans.
I have learned that when life took away all that I have, as long as I have God, I lack nothing," she exclaimed.

Geoselle urged fellow students to not let their success stories be just any other story out there.

"Your story is a testimony. Share it, you’ll never know who will be blessed! Invest on & inspire the next generations!"

She also left a message to all other students reading her very own testimony, she told to never give up. Work on it whatever it takes. Never try to escape, its the reality of life, instead, endure it.

Of course, there'll be time for failure and falling down, you'll eventually feel tired, hurt and weak. But in the end, all this, will help you grow, learn and overcome your own painful experiences. Because of this hardships, at the end, you'll see yourself a lot more times stronger and better than before.

Geoselle also reminded that failures are footstools to success. There are no shortcuts in life, cause if you take the shortest way to end and get things your way, you'll miss the "wonderful things, people & experiences God has placed in the way for you".

"Whatever school you are in, wherever you are, GOD WILL MEET YOU THERE. Jesus died for you, what else He cannot give you? :)
Believe me when I say that the same God who delivered you for years will also deliver you for the years to come. Faithful He has been, faithful He will be.
And I promise you:
“When you truly seek first His kingdom & His righteousness, all things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)"

Let Geoselle Santiago Dela Cruz' story inspire each and everyone of us, not only students but also to those who strive to achive a better life. We cannot do things on our own. Her life is a living testimony that God exists and He alone can give all our needs. All we need to do, is accept, turn away from our sins, have faith in Him.

Read her story below:

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Source: Facebook