Third suspect in the Bulacan massacre, found dead; face covered in duct tape

Third person of interest in Bulacan massacre was found dead in San Miguel. A dead body of a male corpse was found on the sidewalk of Barangay Pacalag. He is identified to be Anthony Garcia, a 29-year old resident of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

His face was covered with duct tape, hands tied using the same tape and a placard with a written message saying, 'Adik at rapist ako. Huwag tularan.' At the end of those words was an acronym 'BDS' and a sketch of a flower pot.

He had a gunshot to the head, as well as to his body and an indication of strangulation to the slain suspect.

Garcia's family reported to the San Miguel police that he was abducted by some armed men around 1 AM. All of them were wearing bonnets and forced Garcia to ride in a plateless green asian utility vehicle (AUV).

The corpse was brought to Dariz Funeral Service sa Gapan, Nueva Ecija where it will undergo some medico-legal examinations.

The San Jose Del Monte PNP confirmed that Garcia is one the persons of interest in the family massacre in Bulacan that took place on June 27, where Dexter Carlos' wife, mother-in-law and his three minor childred were brutally masssacred in their own home.

Last Tuesday, another person of interest, Ronaldo Pacinos alias "Inggo", was also found dead. He obtained several stab wounds and some of his fingers were severed.

The next day, Wednesday, another suspect named Rosevelth Sorima alias "Ponga" was shot several times in front of his family.

Carmelito Ibañes, a construction worker, tagged the names of two others who were involved in the massacre of three children, their mother and a grandmother. He and his companions were living in an abandoned house beside the victims' house. They also sniffed a P150 worth of shabu and drank gin and beer before entering the house of the victims around 2 AM on Tuesday.

He confessed of stabbing the children multiple times whose ages were only 1, 5, and 11 yeards old. They did the same thing to their mother Estrella Carlos and the elderly woman, Auring. Although already dead, Ibañez stated that he and his companions sexually harassed the Estrella and Auring.

The suspect in the murder of a family in Bulacan admitted that he was under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs while committing the heinous crime.

Days later after his confession, Ibañes retracted everything he said that ties him to the multiple murder and claimed that he was only tortured by police officers.

Ibañes said he was punched on the chest. His head was wrapped in plastic until he couldn't breathe.

"Dito po sa dibdib, sinuntok po. Binalot po ako ng plastic sa ulo, noong 'di na po 'ko makahinga, naano, parang mauubusan po ko ng hangin sa katawan," he said denying his involvement in the murders.

"Wala po kong kinalaman po doon sa binibintang po nila sa akin. 'Yung pagpatay po doon sa mga tao. Doon po sa masaker po, wala po akong kinalaman doon. Natakot lang po ako," he said.

The suspect also claimed that his hand was hammered by cops.

However, none of the body parts where he claimed to have been tortured does not have any traces of bruising or traces of torture. In his defense, he said that the bruises are now healed.

Source: News5