Trillanes acting like a cheap psychic, predicts Duterte will not finish his term as president

Years ago he was mutineer then became a senator and now playing the role of a 'psychic'.

Senator Antonio Trillanes predicts that President Rodrigo Duterte reign will not reach his final term on 2022. He said that he will either be placed under the prosecution of the International Criminal Court (ICC) or the Congress will impeach him.

"Kung sa street lingo, eh sa kangkungan talaga tayo pupulutin at the rate we are going, kasi wala talaga kaming direksyon na nakikita," he said, continuing to moch Duterte's leadership, stating that it lacks vision.

"Wala namang vision na sinet, which is the first thing na ginagawa ng isang leader na, ‘Ito gagawin natin, at ito ang paraan para makarating tayo diyan.’ Wala siyang ganung. Mura-mura lang dito, nagpapatawa, tapos alis na," he added.

Trillanes also berated the current administration, stating that none of its promises has been fulfilled. There's still crime, corruption, smuggling and illegal drugs in the country, not to mention the heavy traffic in Metro Manila. He also claimed that because of his "social media propaganda", Duterte is able to maintain his popularity eventhough his a failure in fulfilling his campaign.

"Palagay ko, hindi niya [matatapos ang termino] dahil nakaumang ang ICC case. Mabigat ito dahil hindi nila ito madadaan sa propaganda o sa troll army... Matindi ang tama niyan," Trillanes said.

"Next year, impeachment ulit dahil naka-depende yan sa ihip ng hangin. Pagka-nagbago ang ihip ng hangin, yan mismong congressmen na sumisipsip ngayon, yan din ang sasaksak sa likod niya," he said.

But in reality, this words of the senator aren't really taken seriously by some Filipinos.

His failure to defend his stand against the Duterte administration during an interview with British Broadcastin Corporation (BBC) journalist Stephen Sackur's programme 'HARDtalk' against the Duterte administration.

His catastrophic interview proved that he is unworthy of his position, he couldn't even answer the simplest question of "Are you a democrat, senator?"

As a result of his failure to prove that President Duterte is just a mere murderer, Journalist Stephen Sackur reminded the Filipinos that voting candidates who lacks understanding and knowledge on the real issues of the Philippines will only be a hindrances in the moving forward of the country.

Sackur said that Trillanes' answers was very out of tune with the voices of ordinary Filipino citizens.

"The senator was subjective and that what makes our discussion out of tune. I was expecting honest answers based on facts, but Sen. Trillanes gave me personal opinion," Sackur said.

Many Filipinos applaud Stephen Sackur's unbiased interview with Sen. Trillanes. Sackur did a background check not only on the current events in the Philippines but also on the senator.

Netizens found hope on Sackur, that maybe, not all people from the media are like those who says yes to whoever can offer the most money. Open letters were posted online for the journalist from several Filipinos, thanking him for being true to his job and exposing Trillanes' one sided remarks towards President Rodrigo Duterte in front of the international media and community.

Source: GMA