Trillanes Complains Again, Accuses Duterte of corruption

Senator Antonio Trillanes III made a self-destructive, hypocritical noise again after the controversial and baffling "joke" of President Rodrigo Duterte who confessed that he himself was a man of corruption.

Trillanes said such statements should serve as a positive catalyst for the progress of the plunder case he filed against his mortal enemy, President Rodrigo Duterte.

Two weeks prior, Duterte made a speech in front of the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association, in which he was quoted saying in his most comfortable style of spewing fecal statements: "I hate corruption. Hindi ako nagmamalinis. Marami rin akong ninakaw pero naubos na, so wala na."

This made the senatorm erupt as he considered that particular part of the speech as a significant addition to the possible evidence he can acquire to support his filed plunder case against the current president of the Philippines.

Senator Trillanes being the famous (and most hated) devil's advocate of the decade thus far, said that the statements should be interpreted in its most literal sense---that Duterte is indeed corrupt--indirectly lecturing the Filipino people of reading comprehension.

"What do you expect now from somebody who is corrupt? Eh 'di wala nang maayos," Trillanes barked in an interview.

Photo from Inquirer
The senator who was infamous for leading a coup d'eta in the past which lasted for 24 hours, warned Filipinos of the truth in every joke of President Duterte. They should be taken in their denotation.

Senator Antonio Trillanes also implied that the president's executive position places him in a pedestal where his actions are magnified and are subject to the interpretation of the public. He also reminded Duterte that being the President of the Philippines, everything that he, Duterte, says are deemed true or real by the public so according to Trillanes, Duterte must not take things lightly, such as to joke about committing corruption.

Therefore, when the president cracked the joke about the corruption, even more bluntly saying in public that he also stole money from his public office, the senator cannot help but bring up yet again the issue of his filed plunder case against the president.

"Hindi pu-pwede 'yung [nagpapatawa]. Siya ang President ng Pilipinas. Ang assumption natin palagi, lahat ng lumabas sa bibig niya ay totoo at kapanipaniwala. So admission 'yan against his interest," he whined.

"Dapat bigyan ng halaga 'yan. Sana 'yan ang maging signal na paspasan ang investigation sa plunder case na finile ko," Trillanes added, further complaining to speed things up for his May 2016 filed plunder case at the Office of the Ombudsman against President Rodrigo Duterte.

It can be remembered that Trillanes, who had turned his back on Duterte after the latter rejected him as his running mate for vice president, filed a plunder case against the encumbent President Rodrigo Duterte before the Office of the Ombudsman on May 2016. The fentanyl-philic, president erstwhile mayor, was back then accused of having a leading role in the drama of the alleged mysterious wealth and hiring of more than 11,000 ghost employees.

Source: GMA News