Trillanes demands to deactivate all social media accounts of Duterte supporters!

Seems like Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV is taking a short vacation from storming President Rodrigo Duterte with his non-sensical tirades. Allegedly, the senator wants every Facebook accounts of Duterte supporters deactivated. What? If the reports are true and he did in fact made that request, he's probably gone nuts and desperate. What happened to the democracy he loves so much? He's trying to silence the voices of the people who had enough of the Opposition's capriciousness and desperation to go back in power.

His thoughtless remarks makes him the most ridiculous member of the Opposition. Who even voted for this guy? Shame.

Reports state that this senator is demanding Facebook and Google to get rid of the accounts owned by pro-Duterte individuals. Who does he think he is?

Well, unluckily for him, it's not gonna happen. Facebook and Google will definitely dismiss such demand knowing that it will greatly negatively affect their revenues from social media users, when Philippines is in top 6 spot of the leading countries using Facebook. Not to mention Filipinos are scattered all over the world.

After failing to defend his stand during the BBC HARDTalk interview by Stephen Sackur, Trillanes continues to drag the country down to the slumps. Good thing majority of the Filipinos have already seen his true colors.

A certain man named Alon Calinao Dy, expressed his dismay to the senator. He said that Trillanes' desperation to stand out in front of the international community [which he desperately strove to do during HARDTalk interview] backfired at him.

"I think Mr. Trillanes is looking for the opportunity to make himself proud in front of the people around the world. Instead of spotlight, it became a disaster," he wrote.

Trillanes whose life was solely for a place in the limelight, only made himself looked like a fool in the interview with Sackur.

"I think it is true that throughout his public life, he has been seeking the global fame, but Trillanes knew nothing about the questions of BBC host Sackur, the interviewer got it right when he said “no one does it quite like Rodrigo Duterte," Dy said.

The fact that he barely survived with the HARDTalk interview truly disappointed the interviewer. He's an incumbent senator for goodness' sake. Watching the video of the interview is really hard to do, you'd feel pity for his ignorance and eventually laugh because he's making himself look ridiculous especially at the part where his answers are totally 'out of tune with what the common citizens are saying'.

Who is Alon Dy?

Alon Calinao Dy is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. Jude College, Manila. He is one of the top students at the St. Jude College of Nursing and a former clinical instructor at St. Augustine, Quezon City. He was a staff nurse at Fatima University Medical Center, Valenzuela City in 2007 and in Chest Diseases Hospital (formerly known as the Kuwait Heart Center), Sabah Region, Kuwait since 2011 up to 2014.

A registered nurse-midwife in the Philippines, a certified CGFNS International Nurse, and a registered nurse in the State of New York, USA, he also functioned as a staff nurse at the International Medical Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2010.

He now works as a registered nurse at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas, USA. Alon is the author of “Best Love Poems Collection” and "Manny Pacquiao: A True Filipino Pride and A Hero." These books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Goodreads, etc. He is the author of several poems and quotation marks, one of the contributors in the Filipino nurses, Buzzle, Philboxing, Boxing, Boxinginsider, Boxingnews24, and many more. His hobbies and interests include playing basketball, chess, swimming, and reading.

Source: Socialmedianews