Two Drug Pushers Killed in Buy Bust Operation

Two  alleged drug pushers were killed by the police in Caloocan.

The house being occupied for drug transactions was secured by CCTV cameras to add safety and surety for their operations.

In a report by Carlo Castillo of News 5, the interior of the house was strewn with drug paraphernalia, shabu and guns.

It was after the buy bust operation culminated in exchange of gunshots between the Special Operation Unit of Northern Police District in Dimasalng, Caloocan, and the target drug pushers.

One of the two killed is Jeffrey Salvador, also known as "Jeff Orang", and his courier Rusty Pucan, alias Taratitap after they fought back, according to the police.

"Actually, ilang araw na trabaho 'to. Nacontact tayo ng buy bust kasi itong lugar na 'to, notorious na rito sa place na talagang ginagawang bentahan 'tsaka gamitan ng shabu. Pag-abot ng item, pag-abot ng pera d'on sa subject, nakita yata na police, nagbunutan na," PO2 Arnel de Guzman explained what had taken place that ignited the confrontation and led to the demise of the two suspect.

According to the authority, the using drugs inside the house came with no prize insofar as the user bought the illegal substance from the two suspects.

The door of the house has a one-way mirror which implies that the owner of the place had been so vigilant in the possibility of drug raid; CCTV are also placed in the vicinity.

                       Photo from News 5

Aside from pushing drugs, the two were also famous around the area for being an 'akyat-bahay', breaking into houses to steal.

"Magnanakaw po dito," one citizen affirmed. "May tira na mga, may tinitirang mga gamit-gamit dito. Mga bike, damit, gan'on, mga silver."

The police have already figured out the identity of the drug supplier with whom the  two killed drug suspects are affiliated. The Special Operation Unit is already set to pursue their next target.

The bodies of the killed suspects were brought to Eusebio Funeral Homes, while incident is still under investigation.

Source: News 5