Viral na taxi driver, times 7 ang sinisingil sa dalawang pasahero

A viral video of an abusive taxi driver who was asking for payment seven times his so-called price per kilometer.

Two women were leaving from the airport and rode the taxi of this abusive driver. When the women were asking how much they had to pay, the driver told them to multiply 300 by 7.

Three hundred was his price per kilometer and seven was the kilometer they traveled from the airport. However, the taxi's meter is deliberately not turned on. How on earth did he come up with the seven kilometers?

The two passengers got out of the taxi. One of them was even daring the driver to go with them to police station. They were in disbelief of the P2,100 taxi fare they were told to pay in such a short distance.

In the end, they left and did not pay for the expensive fare.

There are various scams involving public transportations, specifically done by taxi drivers. The most common one is when a driver has a towel or cloth covered on his nose and mouth and a strange smell is vented out of the aircon, this modus causes the passenger to feel dizzy, making him/her vulnerable to attacks.

Other modus is similar to what happened to the two women. They had a 'kontrata' or to simply put it when a taxi driver demands his own price, like renting, forcing passengers to pay a fixed and usually more expensive amount for their trans fare. Taxi driveres are probihited in doing such 'contracts' with passengers. Usually their meters are turned off.

Source:  News5WhenInManila