VIRAL VIDEO: Netizen imitates Filipino personalities for Waze app voice command

As the endless craze in suggesting which Filipiono celebrity should be the voice of Waze when its Filipino version will be released mid-July, a video of a Facebook user has been going viral ever since it was posted. Richard Abalos posted his own version of Waze instructions done in Tagalog while imitating popular Filipino personalities.

He mimic the voice of President Rodrigo assuming his voice will be used as a Waze instructor.

"Alam mo, pagdating sa may dulo, kaliwa na, kung hindi ka kumaliwa, patayin kita," he said.

Abalos also imitated how detained Senator Leila de Lima, saying, "If you do not want to turn left, do not turn left. That is your human life."

Aside from the two "mortal enemies", Abalos imitated Babalu and Mike Enriquez.

"Huwaw! Nagkamali ka naman eh, sabi ko sayo kumaliwa ka eh, dumiretso ka eh, iikot na naman tayo..." - He said as as Babalu.

"Excuse me po mga Kapuso, pagdating nyo po sa kabilang kanto, sabay kaliwa, sabay kanan, sabay kotse nyo po, pasok!"  he said as Mike Enriquez.

What is Waze?

Waze is a navigation for drivers that will be a very important tool for Filipino drivers in coping up with the Anti-Distracted Driving Act.

Waze Asia Pacific Regional Lead Mona Weng will be updated to have a new feature for Filipinos.

"We had some discussions with our amazing Waze community across the Philippines and we decided that Filipino will be the most useful for all drivers across the Philippines," she said.

Weng added, "While English has always been readily available, we have heard from the community that they would like to have the option to have a Tagalog or Filipino voice. I know that some of the people I talk to said the voice command doesn't work well with their accent so if we have Filipino available, that no longer becomes an issue."

There has been adjustments with the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, wherein motorists are now allowed to place their smartphones or GPS devices on their dashboards.

"Now that there's the safe zone, you're able to dock your phones. You're still able to see Waze... as long as it's within the four inches that's legally allowed," Mona Weng said.

"You can actually update your destinations with voice commands. So that way you don't have to touch the phones at all," she added.

"We're releasing a whole suite in Tagalog with both the voice navigation which will include street names and a Tagalog voice command," Weng said.

Holding or touching to answer/make a call, texting, read text messages, play games, watch videos, browse the internet, or perform calculations while driving.

Source: GMA, CNN