VM Paulo Duterte to 'Kuto-like' Senator: Negative ka sa buhay ko. Bakla ka ba?

"Bakla ka ba?" This is what Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte question to the senator who pisses him off so much that he'd want to beat him up.

In a media interview, VM Paolo Duterte said that he rarely goes out to the public because there are people who just can't help but criticize others.

"Hindi na ako masyadong lumalabas, mahirap na. Maraming istorya agad. Kapag nakita kang umiinom sa gilid, balita na agad. Pati sa babae. Pero maraming pumupuna, mga bashers, haters, one million na sila," he said.

The vice mayor also strikes at this one senator who effortlessly annoys him, claiming that this government official has been giving him negativity in his life for the past year.

"Itong parang kuto na Senador, 'yan 'yung negative sa buhay ko for the past year," he said.

Asked how negative the senator was, VM Dutert said, "Gusto kong bugbugin," he answered.

"Wala kong number niya. Mr. Senator, kapag nabigyan mo ko ng number mo, may personal akong tanong sayo: Bakla ka ba?" he mocked the unnamed senator.

President Rodrigo Duterte's son has been very blunt, which lets us make a wild guess that being straightforward and tough-worded runs in the family. Actually, it's a good thing, being blunt and all.

In a Facebook post, VM Duterte hits at his father's critics. He said, "Dbesa aning duha oi! Sa pila ka tuig way Presidente nanagad ninyo, unya gibunal bunalan pa mo. Unsay tanaw ninyo aning gobyerno isa ka tulpok lang, delete na tanan? daw computer? Kabaga ninyo ug nawong no? Kamo kaha pag presidente mga dodong? Maayo lage ug naay mabilin sa Pilipinas!"

[Translation: These guys are the best! In several years that no President took notice of you and even hit you. What do you think of government? That you can delete everything in a press of a button? Like a computer? You have those guts? Why not you become the President? Well we’re lucky if there is anything more left for the Philippines!]

VM Duterte also noted that everything they are doing is just all money.

Along his post were the photos of Bayan Muna Partylist Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan Secretary General Renato Reyes Jr.

In Zarate's part, he told that their rally was just to "constructively engage the administration of Pres. Duterte".

"We just hope that a constructive criticism should not be taken negatively; as a long time ally in pursuing meaningful reforms, we also want the president to succeed even as we wish him to take the progressive path in making real and genuine change a reality," he added.

President Duterte had activist leaders in MalacaƱang who presented to him the "People's Agenda for Change".

"That gesture of the president is unprecedented and highly laudable and appreciated. Today’s rally, thus, is a way to look back and gauge how far the administration has responded to the said people’s agenda," Zarate said.

"Especially against the dictates of the US and other imperialist countries that for the longest time as Pres.Digong himself acknowledged– caused untold miseries and historical injustices to our people, especially in Mindanao," he added.

Source: News5, DavaoToday