WATCH: Actual Video of Government Troops Fire Against Terrorists

Government troops consisting of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the police officers of the Philippine National Police (PNP) continue to fight the ongoing battle against ISIS-inspired Maute group and other remaining terrorist groups in Marawi City.

As a matter of fact, the offensive attacks of the government troops have become more aggressive. They started to use a grenade launcher on their opponents at the frontlines.

They also continued to operate airstrikes against the opponents.

"Mapandi bridge... this was the former stronghold of the enemy and now forces have taken that location," Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera, spokesperson of the Joint Task Force Marawi, said.

"Structures na ang nakiki-clear despite the overwhelming presence of the IEDs (improvised explosive devices), fuel bombs and other war materials inside the main battle area," Lt. Col. Herrera added.

Watch the video report below:
In a captured video, it can be seen that the government troops have intensified their offensive against their opponents while the terrorist groups on the other side are also firing back, engaging in an intense battle of weaponry.

The video shows a soldier striking the opponent terrorists with a grenade launcher while the owner of the device that took the video is just behind them. As the grenade launcher struck the opponents in the other side, the opponents also strike them with their weapons.

Both the government troops and the terrorist groups engage in a lethal fire fight against each other.

According to authorities, the fight intensifies in Marawi despite the number of the Maute group and other terrorists has reduced due to the killing of around 400 Maute group members.

The government was also able to take some Maute group positions but continue to pursue to kill all of them.

Six more members of the Maute group on Thursday were added to the number of killed Maute member since the start of the battle.

The four added deaths of the Maute members were just the recent out of the 400 slain Maute group members. Meanwhile, more than 500 firearms have been recovered from the terrorists by the military.

The 100th death from the military's side was reported today. The 100 slain military officers and police officers are the total casualties from the government troop since the start of the war which sparked on May 23 following the attack of the Maute group members in the city of Marawi.

The siege of Marawi caused the MalacaƱang Palace, particularly President Duterte to put the entire area of Mindanao under martial law and suspend the writ of habeas corpus.

Upon the proclamation of martial law by President Duterte, the Senate had mixed reactions regarding the said proclamation. The Supreme Court, through the revised 1987 Constitution, gave President Duterte's martial law 60 days to neutralize the terrorist groups in Marawi, which has also involved Abu Sayyaf and other terrorist groups.

The 60-day proclamation will lapse on July 22. However, the President has filed to extend martial law for five more months, which is yet to be decided by the Supreme Court.

Source: GMA News