WATCH: Survey by Asian Boss: What do Filipinos think about President Duterte?

Steve Park of Asian Boss conducted a mini survery about what the Filipinos think of President Rodrigo Duterte. Since Park is not in the Philippines, the survery was done through a Asian Boss reporter Steven Bansil.

Asian Boss uploaded a video of their survey, the presenter, Steve Park wondered despite the fact that President Duterte is view negatively by the western media and community, even to the point of calling him a human rights violator, how come he still enjoys an excellent approval rating of 82 percent in his home country, Philippines.

For enlightenment, Steve Bansil Asian Boss reporter based in thePhilippines asked a few Filipinos about their opinions towards the westerner-condemed Duterte.

Respondent's answers will be bulleted. Since this is a survey, names of the respondents were not revealed.

The first question was, "What is your impression of the President Duterte."

Woman in white said he is 'matapang' or brave.
Woman in black sleeveless shirt said, "He is very sincere, and very true to what he says about loving the country. I think he's very passionate about fixing all the real problems of our country.
Man in polo shirt and sunglasses said, "He's cool. I think we really need him at this point." He was asked why we [Filipinos] need him, he answered, "Filipinos have really become too disorderly and comfortable. I think we need a president that can implement measures and displine us."

Second question was, "What'd be some negative things about him?"

Man in sleeveless gray shirt answered, "Personally, I don't see anything wrong with him. That said, I haven't seen much a president that swears that much."

Third question was, "What do you think of Duterte's manner of speaking? As seen on the news he would always curse, he'd even call some foreign reporters 'son of a *****. Does it reflect the Filipino values or culture in any sense?"

One (a) of the two women answered, "(a) Well, he's actually representing the country so I think he should be mindful of his words."
Back to woman in white, she responded, "Of course, what he did was wrong because cursing is a sin. But with Duterte, I think he grew up in that kind of environment.
Man in polo shirt and sunglasses said, "Actually, with how he speaks, he is able to capture the attention of the Filipinos because they can understand him better.

Fourth question, "Are you scared of President Duterte at all?"

Woman in black sleeveless shirt said, "No, not at all. For one, I'm not a criminal."
Student in uniform with matching eyeglasses said, "He may be really strict to the criminals but to the Filipinos who are innocent, I think he's really loving and caring for them."

Fifth question, "What makes President Duterte different from the former presidents of the Philippines?"

One (b) of the two women answered, "(b)From what I hear, he always assumes responsibilities. For example, if there's an abuse in the martial law from soldiers, he assumes the responsibility. He'd be like, 'If they abuse the laws, I'm accountable so blame me.'
Man in a gray t-shirt said, "He really speaks from his heart, and you really know that what he says he will do."

Sixth question, "What do you think are the positive things he's done for the Philippines so far?"

One (b) of the two women answered, "(b) For me, its the relationship building with other countries. For example, our relationship with China got better. Also, Russia is slowly becoming our ally. So even if they make it sound like Duterte is always busy traveling, he is bringing results."

These are just some of the questions asked in the ten-minute video. As you noticed, the people interviewed were all pro-Duterte. It's not because Steve Bansil chose not to interview people who are against the President or opted answers that are against him, but Steve Park said himself, the Asian Boss reporter had a hard time interviewing anti-Duterte who are against war on drugs because they fear that they will be bashed for not agreeing with the war.

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Source: Asian Boss