WATCH: "This is not a battle of religions" Says Yosoph Mando As He Shares the Side of the Muslim Community

In a recent interview with Kakampi ni Duterte National Chairman, Yosoph Mando, he revealed the true side of the Muslim community regarding the current war in Mindanao, waged by the Maute group and other terrorist groups against the government force.

Yosoph Mando defended the Muslims against the issue of linking terrorism with the religion of Islam.

With the video interview published online entitled Yosoph Mando Isiniwalat ang Tunay na HANGARIN NG MGA MUSLIM Siguradong Maiiyak kayo PANOORIN," Mando disclosed their side.

A Call to Unite

It can be remembered that the first terrorist attacks of this battle happened on May 23, in Marawi City where forces of the Maute group started wreak havoc inside the city, attempting to siege the entire area.

According to Yosoph Mando, despite the violence and the chaos that has transpired throughout the course of the battle which is still ongoing, Mando remained positive and looked at the brighter side of things, referring to the recent series of events as a wake up call to unite the peoples of the Philippines: Christians, Muslims, and the Natives.

Mando reminded the public that during the course of the chaos, Christians were trapped inside the city, between firefight. In the midst of these chaos emerged goodness as Muslims protected and saved their Christian brothers who were in the verge of danger and death.

Furthermore, Mando pointed out that Muslims saving Christians only proved that both can actually co-exist in this nation, in peace and harmony. He added that such co-existence happens in Singapore and Malaysia where Muslim and Christian citizens have learned to peacefully co-exist.

Mando expressed his enthusiasm that Philippines can also start doing so.

He further added that the unity of Muslims and Christians right now is a result of uniting against a common enemy.

The series of events, according to Mando, also served as as a wake up call for Muslims to be vigilant. Yosoph Mando appealed to the Maute group and other involved terrorist groups that if their main goal is to perpetuate Islam and its teachings, why is it that the war that they, the terrorist, have caused has destroyed Muslim areas and affected Muslims, instead of helping them.

Mando said that the main victims have been the Muslims in Marawi City and in other areas in Mindanao.

Deception of Images

According to Mando, the Maute group referred to themselves as perpetuators of peace and of Islam teachings.

However, Mando disagreed. He said that these groups haven’t done anything good yet. Mando expected these groups to have initiated a good change by teaching communities how to lead, instead of waging war that has caused death and destruction. He added that if these terrorist groups wanted to create an independent state for Muslims for their benefit, they have clearly destroyed their purpose for affecting and killing the Muslims themselves.

He added that these terrorist groups deceived the public by implying that they represent the Muslim community, when in fact, states Mando, the Muslim community does not support these terrorist groups nor their goals.

Mando appealed to the public that these terrorist groups do not represent the Muslim community and the Islam teachings. He added that these terrorist groups are doing and fighting for are not the true purpose and goal of Muslims and of Islam.

In a rather emotional answer, Mando said that Muslims have always been stereotyped to be terrorist. He related that sad reality that whenever the public sees or hears about terrorism, they always associate these with Muslims and Islam.

Watch the entire video interview here.

Not a Battle Between Religions

Mando concluded the interview with a line that speaks to both Muslims and Christians.

"This is not a battle of religions," Mando said.

He said that Muslims saving their Christian brothers in Marawi is only a proof that this war is not a battle of religion.

"Hindi po kami galit sa mga Kistyano," he added, further saying that Muslims consider it a responsibility to keep Christians who are in their areas safe.

Source: Youtube