Young Man saves an old lady from her death, loses his own leg on the process “I have lost a leg, but that is a human life.”

A heroic story that will definitely restore your faith in humanity.

In attempt to save an elderly woman, a Chinese guy lost his leg he has no regrets.

A deaf 68-year old woman was about to get hit by an incoming train when when the 29-year old Chinese hero intervened, unfortunately losing his leg.

Xu Quian Kai works at the train as a conductor that will soon approach the Chongqing station. Around 3 PM, he was at the back of the train, searching for anything that might be blocking their way so he can notify the train operators.

To his surprise, a woman was standing in the middle of the tracks even when the train is almost near her way, he quicky pressed the emergency brakes, shouted and whistled at the elderly woman but she was unmoved.

Left without another alternative, he jumped off the train and dragged the woman away from danger. In the process of this heroic deed, Xu's leg was already run over by the train.

They were both brought to the hospital with Xu having more severe damages on his body while the woman, luckily obtained only damages on her fragile body.

Xu did not know that the woman he saved is deaf, reason why she didn't respond to his warnings. His leg was then amputated.

The old woman wanted to thank his lifesaver, however, Xu was already in a coma. So what he woman did is bowed completely in front of his bed as a sign of gratitude and maybe an apology for causing his unfortunate situtation.

Xu survived. He said that he doesn't regret what he did.

"Although I have lost a leg, but that is a human life. If the incident happened again, I would still do the same thing.

He was former soldier. He transferred to Rongchang Station of Chengdu Railway Bureau to live closer to his family.

Xu said he would do the same thing if it happens again.

It takes a lot of courage and bravery to save other people's life, especially when they are a complete stranger to us. To be a hero, you don't a need a cape or super powers to help anyone in need. All you need is a mindset that life is the most precious thing ever given to us humans or to anything else. Xu values life, he did not think twice before saving an old lady who mostly likely should be dead by now if she ever was hit by the approaching train.

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Source: Chinapress