A Mindanaoan Reacted on Agot Isidro's mockeries towards PCI Jovie Espenido

A Mindanaoan by the name of Maia Villapañe had handful of message to the actress who is desperately trying to be relevant in the talks of politics and justice.

Agot Isidro is nothing but a underling supporter of the drug-filled members, Liberal Party. A group of politicians swarmed by graft and corruption, not to mention their endless ties to drug-linked personalities.

The Mindanao-born and now based in New York, wrote a lenghty message to career-fading actress. Apparently, Villapañe had read Agot's horrible tweets which indirectly mocked Ozamiz City PCI Jovie Espenido as well as the Duterte administration's efforts to eradicate drugs.

To Villapañe, the actress was implying that the "Ozamiznons and Mindanaoans in general are second-class citizens and this is painful."

She also recalled a very traumatic event which she can never forget. At an early age of 7, she was already exposed to how dangerous crystal meth is. Not because her parents or any of her relatives are users, but because she, first-hand witnessed the effects of it in a person's entire being.

A neighbor of theirs was a shabu user. He showed evidences of aggresiveness due to his addiction. During that time, Villapañe was often woken up by the banging sound of their neighbor as he beats up his wife or sometimes causing a ruckus which also caused interruptions to other neighbors' sleeps.

As she recall more, she clearly remembers a trail of blood that lead to the back of their house where their shabu-addicted neighbor sat - bloodshot, face ashen and his body trembling. His knuckles were bloody after hallucinating and punching a mirror.

What made her trembles for every time she remembers that traumatic experience was the way the man stared back at her, filled with devoid and it was chilling. She can never forget that, ever.

Moreover, she said that the actress may not like the incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte and those who he backs up, but for the Ozamizons who had lived years and years of cruelty under the Parojinogs, it was a miracle to Jovie Espenido and also Duterte's openopen declaration of war against narcotics - "it was their only hope".

While the Ozamiznons suffer, the likes of Agot Isidro who "swarthed in elitism and living in your ivory tower, refuse to understand what others go through despite your background of being educated in UP -- an institution that (should) emphasizes on the importance of service to the country from its alumni."

Villapañe said the actress may enjoy her freedom of speech, but she doesn't "have the monopoly on it either." So she should stop whining and blaming if people gets pissed at her and ends up venting their anger to the actress, after all, she created her own bed so she must lie on it or might as well do something about her narrow-minded understanding.

As an advocate of mental health awareness, Villapañe said it doesn't give Agot the license to act like an armchair psychologist and diagnose whenever she wants like what she is doing with Duterte.

Read her full message below: