Alejano says Faeldon betrayed the Magdalo, he made us looked like traitors

Bureau of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon said that he was never a member of the Magdalo faction although he participated in the Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula Siege which both happened in 2007.

"In all my pronouncement since 2003, I have never been a member of the Magdalo and I will never be a member of the Magdalo because I don't want to associate myself with the history of the Magdalo in this country," he said.

Magdalo party-list Representative Gary Alejano responded on Faeldon's pronouncement saying that there's something behind Faeldon's non-membership of the military faction than meets the eye.

Alejano said he was the one who recruited Faeldon to join their mutiny but a decade later, the former claimed he is no longer concern on his former Marine comrade.

"I was the one who recruited him even if he is denying that he is part of the Magdalo right from the start," Alejano told the media in a press briefig on Tuesday.

Now, the two belong in different political side, one is on the President while the other is member of the Opposition.

"Let's put this on record that Commissioner Faeldon is no longer part of the Magdalo group. He has been removed from the group since 2005 when he escaped from prison," Alejano said.

"Because he promised that he would not escape and put the careers of our custodians in danger.... Kaya nung tumakas siya, 'kinulong 'yung ibang guwardiya doon. In fact, may gusto pang magpakamatay doon sa sama ng loob. Ang effect rin sa amin, para kaming mga traydor sa kanila. Nabartolina kami doon," recalled Alejano.

Former mutineers were arrested right after the failed mutiny, three of them were Alejano, Faeldon, and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Everyone in the faction reconciled but things got intense between Faeldon and the Magdalo. Faeldon started defending President Rodrigo Duterte during the presidential campaign while he attacked on the Magdalo.

"Right after the elections, he contacted me to help him in the BOC. He was trying to enlist my support and help in the BOC, but I said no, I will not [help] because of principle. You lambasted us in the last campaign, then after that, political purpose lang 'yun," Alejano exclaimed.

Faeldon recruited former soldiers including some fellow mutineers into the BOC while Alejano forsaken two mutineers: Gerardo Gambala and Milo Maestrecampo who pled guilty on their trial.

"The effect of them pleading guilty is that we were also guilty, but the difference is that they were pardoned. How about us? We would be convicted and sent to Muntinlupa," stated Alejano.

Currently, Faeldon, Gambala, and Maestrecampo are embattled in the shabu shipment from China worth P6.4 billion which strangely passed their watch.

Source: GMA, Rappler