Anti Duterte Uses Kian Delos Santos' Death to Stop the Anti-Drug Campaign

The death of Kian Lloyd Delos Santos, a 17 year old, grade 11 student is stirring debate on the internet today. Kian is one of the slain in the anti-drug police operations in Caloocan City. He died 11pm of thursday, August 17, 2017 due to a gun shot.

The issue that Kian Lloyd is said as one of the collateral damage of the promised anti-drug war campaign of our President and the allegation that Kian Lloyd is a drug peddler is making rounds online. Another issues circulating are cops framed Kian and planted an evidence so they can gain a monetary reward or promotion from the government. 

The police clarified that Kian Lloyd made the first shot and resisted to surrender before the cops made a move that ended Kian's Life. A 45 caliber gun, which was said, used for firing the cops and 2 sachets of shabu was recovered from him. 

Witnesses have also came out and telling an opposite story from the policemen and that they have seen the whole incident that night. According to them, the gun was just handed to Kian by the cops and was then ordered to open fire and run outward so the policemen can declare that he resisted that caused his death. 

Kian Lloyd's death have caught alot of people's attention that even Senator Riza Hontiveros and Vice President Leni Robredo visited his wake. The Vice president and the senator expressed their heartfelt sympathy to the family and promised for protection and support for the case they will be fighting in court. 

But not everyone are convinced that Kian Lloyd is innocent. Comments that Kian Lloyd is a known peddler in their area shocked the netizens. In fact critics have made analysis regarding the incident and the LP constituents' blow up move to burn the flame even more. Others have noticed that Liberal Party is using Kian's death to tinge the president's name that would possibly make him stop the anti-drug war campaign. 

Here is one of the reactions posted by one of the Netizen regarding the subject..

by REYNZ (Reyna Elena) on AUGUST 18, 2017

My article today is a reaction to the reaction of what I’ve been reading on Twitter.

The Yellows are desperate to bring President Duterte down. We know that. They’ve tried all sorts of things. They tried destabilization campaign. They’ve used local and international media to paint the President as a mad man. Fake news, twisted and slanted editorials. They’ve used the international instrumentalities like the United Nations, the Human Rights Commission, the ICC, the European Union, every shit in the world! Now, they have introduced a new strategy. Children.

Children’s as weapons of war are nothing new. It’s an age-old strategy. During the Vietnam war, kids were used as spies, messengers, lookouts. Political rallies in Manila have children on the front lines. Do you know why? Because cops are afraid to touch them. Drug addicts cornered by cops use them as human shields. In Africa countries like Sierra Leone, Angola, Uganda, and Congo openly recruit and use children. Palestinians use kids in their war with Israel. Why? Because they are desperate to win world sympathy by any means to the point of using innocents as human shields — the more casualties, the better.

Which brings me to the Anti-Dutertes.

Remember, there are only about 5% of them who disapprove of Duterte. Wasn’t that the latest poll ratings? How much noise can the 5% influence ba? Not much. Therefore, the anti-Duterte has to be creative. So when this boy was killed in Caloocan during a drug raid, what a perfect opportunity for the Yellows! They have now dragged this kid and used him as their weapon against President Duterte and painting the President as a kid-killer on the war on drugs!

Look. These people can have as many placards and FB updates telling the world that Duterte has now killed 30 of them. THAT’S NOT PROTECTING CHILDREN! You protect children from drugs by telling adults to stop their shit on drugs! You protect children by smacking (mabait pa ako nyan!) the shit out of your legislators to act quickly on drugs and not allow them to proliferate! But how do you protect children from drugs when you have government officials mismo as drug lords and drug money beneficiaries?! Mga ipokrito!!! What a convenient way to use kids for political ends! That’s what you call reprehensibly Boko Haram!

(Buti nga hindi ko kayo tinawag na mga Boko Harams of the Philippines!)

Tigilan ako!


This post from Reynz has made a good point and gathered alot of shares and reactions  from different personalities online. 

Isn't the Liberal Party's move so obvious? or are Duterte supporters just blinded by the President's promises? Your thoughts?

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Source: ReynaElena