Atty. Bruce Rivera Burst Anger to Media Reporter who Discriminate a BLOGGER

The outburst of a lady reporter covering Malacañan putting in public her disdain for social media bloggers has effectively put to fore how low mainstream media's perception of bloggers. She scoffed at the notion that just because there is a 5,000 following would be enough to get bloggers to cover the President while they had to do their time in the gutters just to get to their lofty post.

This time, I will not speak for myself because I am a class on my own. A lawyer, law professor, LGBT, DDS and having a considerable following are qualifications not many in mainstrean or even in social media have. Mayabang na kung mayabang pero magpakatotoo tayo.
I am now speaking for and in behalf of the social media bloggers you look down on who do not have credentials that many of you can easily discount or degrade. Though some of you who are high school graduates still have the audacity to question my credentials.
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Bloggers start blogging not out of necessity but out of sheer inspiration or love. We began in the lowest of circumstances. But, it did not stop us or discouraged us because we blog just to share our minds and hearts to anyone willing to listen to us. We do not have a badge that says MEDIA, PRESS, ABS, CNN or GMA where there is already a captive audience. We literally start from scratch.
Everyone who uses social media are bloggers. However, there are only a few who have reached a level of popularity that could influence people and we call them "influencers". Mainstream media practitioners cry foul because influencers had it easy by giving them instant accreditation.
They are wrong. Let us leave the bloggers in this equation starting now because it covers everyone who has a social media account. Let me just limit the issue to the influencers because we are the ones mainstream media is pissed off.

Influencers never had it easy. All of us started as lowly bloggers. Ten followers. And minimum exposure. But there is a reason why we have reached the level of following we have now. I do not know the exact reason. It may be looks, writing style, selfie adroitness or just plain guts. In short, we become influencers not because of mediocrity. We did something for people to follow us.
And it takes a lot of talent, shock factor, wit and guts to maintain a following. Social media is demanding. Your followers expect you to deliver albeit unreasonable. When I started Minerva Fuschia Rivera, followers expected her to be with me, which was impossible. And there are many influencers who fade to oblivion because the followers lost interest.
In short, to be an influencer in social media is hard work. And a diploma will not matter because it a proactive and reactive medium. Lawyers and doctors do not necessarily fare well in this arena while some high school graduates inspire a lot of followers.
More importantly, to be an influencer takes a lot of fortitude and EQ. The bashings we get everyday will destroy any normal human beings' self-confidence but we learn how to take it in stride. Any normal Bedan lawyer who passed the Bar on his first take will have a heart attack if he is called stupid by a three time taker or maligned by an anonymous page using repugnant grammar claiming they won the legal debate.

Not to an influencer.
We have become a fixture in social media and a force to be reckoned with as the new media because we also started from the gutter. What makes us even stronger is that we have beaten the odds.
So the lady who made it appear that we have not done our fair share of labor and toil is not only ignorant but misinformed. While she started out as a police beat reporter. They had a badge of honor. They had the media card and a news organization who had guaranteed readers and audience
When we started our quest to become influencers, we started as bloggers, without a badge and without an audience.

Source : Bruce V. Rivera