Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles shamed and burned clueless Doris Bigornia on social media!

The Davao-based reporter, Doris Bigornia haven't learned her lessons from the issue she was involved more than a year ago where she rudely treated a crewmeber in a news coverage in Davao City.

Now, representing a different television news network, Bigornia finally got her shot of limelight and became viral again for her rude personality as a news reporter.

The news reporter dared to mock and ridicule, with her own mouth, none other than President Rodrigo Duterte. In response, the chief executive immediately replied with a scornful answer during an ambush interview after the 113th  Founding Anniversary of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

To add more pain on the swollen "Mutya ng Masa" who dared to mock Duterte, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a staunch Duterte supporter, lectured her through a Facebook post and at the same defended the chief executive from the malice-inspired reporter.

In brief but straight to the point explanation, Angeles made sure she was able to convey the very point of Duterte's famous statement which he often says during his speeches.

In her post, she began with the Bigornia's question for Duterte followed by the latter's answer.

"Doris Bigornia: Sir, kelan ho uli may matumba na mayor? PRRD: Depende na lang sa intriga mo. Kung saan mas marami."

Her message began with a mockery towards the media "who try to pull a fast one". She reminded everyone that the chief executive was a "bad ass prosecutor, a litigator". His years and years of experiences taught him a lot. He have faced all sorts of criminals during his days as a prosecutor, "the equivalent of bloody trench warfare or close quarters combat", as she called it.

You cannot fool him, he's too sharp to be fooled by just anyone. He studies every situation well, and is careful with every word he speaks. He knows how to every side of legal terms and can manipulate his words as traps for journalist. He play with words, that he knows when it is necessary to say it or not.

Bit by bit, Angeles explained Duterte's famous line, "I will kill you if you destroy my country."
1. The "you" is not identified. Therefore it cannot be considered a threat that is punishable as a crime.
2. The "if" lays a condition. Its a general condition that implies that he will be responding in defense of his country or a person. Which means he lay down an exculpatory circumstance.
3. He did not direct his remarks at any person or agency. No person can feel alluded. No case can be made for inciting or compelling any person to commit a crime on his behalf."

She clearly explained. He's good with playing with words that the clueless journalists, who fall for every thing he says, are totally out of his league.

"Writers make a living with words, yes. But so do lawyers," she ended.

Yes, Duterte is basically a master of mind games and if words were just swords, a lot may have been pierced deeply to survive. He can make you think so hard that most people, especially the media take it out of context and take everything literally.

Have they forgotten to read behind the lines? Or are they just purposely twisting Duterte's words to mislead the majority.

Unfortunately for them, many have had enough of the mediocracy that the press keeps on promoting to the public.

Read her message below:

Source: Aty. Trixie Angeles