Batang babae bugbog sarado sa mga babaeng menor de edad na miyembro ng isang gang

The exact occurence of violence initiated by underage gang members beating up a grade 9 girl in PS Arcade in Butuan City on Tuesday was caught on by a CCTV in the area.

In the video, a girl wearing gray shirt confronted another girl who was in white. Seconds later, other girls showed up, surrounding the girl in white. After few more moments of what seems to be a confrontation, the girl who was in gray punched the girl in white who was identified in the name 'Tintin".

Unsatisfied with just a punch on the face, the rest of the girls helped the one in gray in beating up the defenseless girl. She was kicked in the body and pulled on the hair until she was down on the floor. But the beating didn't stop.

Xela Jane Laroa, one of the witness to the violence, they told the underage girls to stop but because of the fear that she might get beat up too, Xela and others couldn't do anything else.

The girls only stopped when a guy interferred. According to the police reports, all of the involved girls in the video were all high school students and members of different school gangs.

According to S/Insp. Paul Paden, chief of Butuan City Police Station 1, no one came to them to complain about the incident.

The victim, Julia - not her real name, confirmed that there are now gang members who are students in the school she attends, as she too is a gang member.

She showed the bruises she got from hazing as a part of the initiation when joining any gangs. Currently, there are now 100 recruits to the gang she joined.

Watch video below:

The number of gang-related cases has been growing quickly and became more violent for the past few years.

In Ajuy, Iloilo, a grade 4 pupil was raped by her four schoolmates after the suspects watched porn videos. Suspects were ages ranges 11, 12, 14 adn 15 years old.
Another case happened in Baguio City, were a 15-year old high school student was severly beaten and then stabbed to death by suspected gang members. One of the suspects already has a standing warrant of arrest for murdering a minor two years ago.

Gangs are similar to fraternities - only difference is that gangs are work lawlessly together and often commit heinous crimes like the cases mentioned above. Once you're in it, there's no quitting or turning your back from it. New recruits often undergo different initiation rites such as hazing, rape and many more.

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