BIR files charges vs actor Richard Gutierrez over fake tax returns

Bureau of Internal Revenue filed a complain on  the Department of Justice against ABS-CBN talent, Richard Gutierrez for violating Article 171 and 172 of Revised Penal Code for submitting falsified tax documents to get rid of the P38.57 million tax evasion case.

According to BIR, the said case is inline with Gutierrez's submission of falsified documents regarding his annual Income Tax Return (ITR) and quarterly Value Added Tax (VAT) returns for the second, third and fourth quarter of 2012.

Gutierrez was also charged with 2 counts of criminal complaints for using perjured affidavits in the preliminary investigation of tax evasion case for violating Article 183 of Revised Penal Code.

The falsified documents were discovered when he sat down his counter affidavit on DOJ last July 18, 2017. "The attached returns were deceptively made to appear to have been stamped received by Revenue District Office No. 42- San Juan City," said BIR.

BIR clarified that, "Also alleged receiving officer Renato Agana denied having received the subject returns saying that the initials appearing on the said returns are not his initials and not even close to his initials,".

"Furthermore, after his examination of the said documents, it appeared that they were forged and that the rubber stamp marks were not among those being used by RDO No. 42-San Juan City," BIR added.

Thus, Atty. Mariglen Abraham Garduque , Gutierrez's lawyer, assured that her client will face the complaints against him. 

"However if the alleged falsified documents are the VAT and ITR returns which Richard attached to his counter affidavit as far as Richard is concerned said documents have original stamped received from the concerned RDO of the bureau", stated Garduque.

Gutierrez first stated that R Gutz didn't under declare a tax liability last 2012. “Incontestably, the accumulated amount of the foregoing declarations covered the total purchases of P39,915,935.75 claimed by the [BIR]. If there is any discrepancy, the difference is only .08-centavos," he stated on his affidavit.

"I do not know if this was filed with malice or just a mistake but I just hope that this will not happen again to another taxpayer as the psychological trauma is unbearable." gripes Gutierrez as he also said that his reputation was veiled and questioned due to the allegations. 

Do you think DOJ is just doing it's part or are they already crossing the line? What do you think?

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Source: Sunstar