BREAKING : Faeldon fires back, accuses Lacson son cement smuggler

Former Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon on Thursday lambasted Senator Panfilo Lacson for naming him as among the corrupt officials in Customs when it is his son who is allegedly involved in big-time smuggling.

Lacson's son, Panfilo "Pampi" Lacson Jr., allegedly owned the undervalued (by at least 50-percent) shipment he and his appointed officers discovered during their first few days in office.
"We discovered the smuggled shipment during [our] first 12 days of office in Customs," Faeldon said in a press conference.
Faeldon added that Lacson Jr. only had only P20,000 in capital but his company - Bonjourno - was able to import billions of pesos' worth of cement in sixty-seven shiploads.
He also alleged that Lacson Jr. wanted to pay only 50 percent of his freight cost.
He claimed that according to Cement Manufacturers' Association of the Philippines, Bonjourno is the biggest cement smuggler.
"I guarantee you, Senator Lacson, the document your son presented to me wasn't genuine," Faeldon said.
The former Bureau of Customs official also called out Senator Lacson for naming him as one of those receiving bribes.

"You want to destroy people like me and the officers on my team, you want us out because of this," Faeldon said while waving aloft his list of known smugglers on whom they were gathering evidence against.
In a statement, Lacson denied Faeldon's allegations.
“First, I have nothing to do with my son's business activities;  second, there is no smuggling of cement as it is not subject to customs tariff and duties but only subject to VAT, which my son said when I checked with him just now, they always pay; third, he should have filed charges against my son if he now says, he's into smuggling,” Lacson said.
“Fourth, it doesn't make sense that I will expose the shenanigans in the BOC, if my son is cheating on taxes as Faeldon is now accusing him of. The logical thing for me to do is not to make the exposé and just keep quiet,” he added.

Source: GMA