Davaoeña lectured Liberal Party, "Unleash your EDSA rally and we will defend him 16-million fold and more"

Several reports about so-called police abuse and extrajudicial killings have surfaced the mainstream media and are often exaggerated by the media itself and it's finest client, the Liberal Party.

A Davaoeña took the courage to spill the contents of her heart and mind and slap reality to these Yellow trolling self-proclaimed Liberals.

In her lenghty novel-like masterpiece posted in her Facebook account, Pamela Saavedra gave a profound defense for President Rodrigo Duterte against his critics who are solely focused in dragging him down.

Pamela started off by asking her readers to imagine themselves in several different fictional situations devoured by lawlessness, crime and bloodshed. From becoming a hero in Unrelenting Force, a hero in the warzone of Somalia and as Batman of "crime-stricken" city of Gotham.

She said that humans immerse themselves in alternate realities to where justice can be possibly achieved. The morality of wanting to defend the helpless against antagonists.

But all of those are just a part of a person's fantasy for reality is cruel, nasty, as she described it to be. Life does not give a damn in heroes nor to happy endings and everything ideal to human wants. Life is far from the movies we watch because people really die and often evil prevails.

Pamela also asked her readers to imagine themselves as a helpless 16-year old girl living in a third-world country in Southeast Asia where crime, illegal drugs is rampant who was raped while on he way home from school. A teenager whose parents work their ass off to make ends meet, a common life of people in barrios.

"Crimes like this can happen to anyone at anytime. You learn that the root of the problem is not just the criminal, but also the pusher, the drug lord, and can even be traced to the Mayor and his daughter who constantly flaunts her newly bought Hermes bags. The situation in the Philippines has become this uncontrollable that news about children who haven't even aged a year were raped by their uncles have become so common. You want to seek justice but you cannot. Apparently the police, prosecutors and judges are owned by the drug lords and the politicians."

"But perhaps it was divine intervention that just two years ago, a loud noise echoed throughout the nation. People started begging for this man from the south to run for the highest seat of the land. A living, real-life Punisher who is feared by the criminals in his own city. Suddenly, there was hope. We had to put this man in power."

She quoted the infamous Liberal Party's line, "Malayo napo ang ating narating. Patuloy po nating tahakin ang Daang Matuwid", saying this very words were used to brainwashed the Filipinos who trusted them for so many years.

Finally, Pamela said whatever kind of gimmick they try to get rid of Duterte, be it demonizing him, ousting him, or to plot a coup, none of the Filipinos who chose him cares. Even if they unleash an EDSA rally again, the 16-million Filipinos will surely defend him.

Read her entire post below:

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Source (Facebook)