'Drug buster cop' PCI Espenido remarkable accomplishments through the years; attributes all to God

Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido received acknowledgement and is gaining popularity after the recent drug raid operation in Ozamiz City. He lead the team that caught one of the biggest, influential and long-time running drug/criminal sydicate. Held at predawn of Sunday last week, he and his team raided the residence. of the Parojinog clan, carrying a legitimate search warrant, where they caught and slain Mayor Aldong Parojinog and 14 others who were involved in illegal drug trade and many other heinous crimes.

He was also responsible for the arrest of the Visayan drug lord and now slain Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa.

Espenido has been twelve years in service and received 83 commendations awards and promotions. His track record of busting and fighting narcotics in the country which traces back to September 1996 in Negros Oriental depicts an exceptional and outstanding years of service.

Achieving the name "drug buster cop", one example where he received a commendation award was in 2004, heEspenido is also responsible for the arrrest of top wanted criminal namely - Kumander Danilo Mojado - a former soldier who became a member of the leftist and leader of a notorious highway robbery group.

He accidentally killed a fugitive from Cebu who was also an alleged political goon while in pursuit of the suspect in the mountain of Merida a day before the national elections in 2001.

More to his achievements, during his leadership in Special Operations Task Group(SOTG) in Samar, four private armed groups were destroyed by his team which instantly gained him a spot promotion in 2011.

Three months later, he became the commander of Regional Public Safety Battalion in Calbiga, Samar. Espido arrested Doroteo Molobolo, leader of the Molobolo private armed group for which he gained another spot promotion.

In 2012, he was supposed to get another promotion in 2012, however, the documents submitted to Secretary Jesse M. Robredo were lost before he died. Controversies involving the Robredos started to arose, who was then the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Allegedly, they were involved in illegal drug trade and illegal gambling.

Ever since Jesse Robredo suddenly came into the picture, Espenido's promotions halted.

"Espenido, the police chief who took down the Parojinogs, was so effective at getting drug criminals in the past that he had promotions after promotions until someone barred him from going higher. That someone is- Jessie Robredo," these was the revelation of  concern netizen named Eric Clark Su.

Espenido was reassigned in Samar province under the regional director at the time, withing three months, he was able to arrest suspected goons of the private armed groups. But after that, he was restricted from the area.

Similar to what he did to Gandara, Samar, Espenido made San Miguel town in Leyte "illegal drugs free" during his assignment as police chief in 2013.

Several accomplishments followed until he was ordered to stop conducting operations on September 18, 2015 and just less than a month, he was re-assigned to the Davao Police Regional Office on October 13 which was effective on the same date.

How did Espenido managed to do all of these?

When he was asked, he attributed all of his accomplishments, pointing a finger up and said, "becaus of Him" referring that God was the one who helped him.

Source: Philnews, pinoythinking