Duterte Challenges Critics who will Revolt Against the Government " GO AHEAD, BUT LET'S FIND OUT"

In a press conference in Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang yesterday, August 21, President Rodrigo Duterte answered the issues that the PNP is currently facing. Duterte also professedly tackled the circulating information about a revolution that’s going to happen against the government.

"Himagsikan? Yes, go ahead. Lahat kayong gustong mag himagsikan. Do it. I will be glad if you do it because actually the system here is rotten and government also. I would be glad if you to do it. You want war against government? Go ahead! You have my blessing. But if you take violence as your options, I said go ahead and let us find out.”

This was his answer to those who are throwing threats for his ouster and for those who are organizes a revolution against him..

“I encourage you to do it. Pag lahat ng Pilipino naniwala dyan sa kabila, then you participate in the rally. And I assure you, I would even send you trucks for the rally” he added.

With head held high, Duterte challenged the critics and the anti-government to loudly fight the battle cry that they are scheming with his full support because Duterte always respects and acknowledges the freedom of speech given to every Filipino.

He even gave a word if suddenly a Coup d’état will occur..

“Coup d’état (Coup d’état; the sudden violent overthrow of an existing government by a small group)? No need for the military to fight the PSG. Puro sundalo yan sila, magclassmate yan sa Academy eh, PMA. Bakit kayo magpatayan? Sabihin lang ninyo kung gusto  ninyo, junta (junta; a political group that rules the country after taking by force) kung gusto ninyo. Osige, dito. And I will swear them to office. And it’s not that im afraid, they can shoot me after. But do not engage in coup. But ngayon kung may uprising, the least I can do is to really say: go ahead.”

He said that whoever will forcefully steal the presidency, he will then surrender it to prevent a strife against to those who swore to protect him against those who will fight for the position.

But before ending his speech, President Duterte left a message to those who are against the government and especially t those who are against the war on drugs..

“If this country will go to the dogs, remember me. Pagka nawala ako tapos ganito ang sitwasyon, then remember me. Remember my warning that I have to do this to protect the people.”

Even if our President talks like a mad man sometimes, he always remind us that everything he does is for the benefit of everybody. Just like a father to his family.

What can you say about President Duterte’s challenge and message to the Filipinos? Will you join the revolution or will you still support the government?

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