DUTERTE TO NOYNOY AQUINO: Gago ka! Sige sumali ka sa drugs at ng maputulan ka ng ulo! Baliw!

President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted his predecessor, former President Noynoy Aquino, who shamelessly said that the current administration's war on drugs have not shown any results yet.

Fury and insults devoured President Durterte's response to Aquino during the 113th founding anniversary of the Bureau of Internal Revenue on Wednesday.

"The former [PNoy] said, it seems like nothing happened, you go into drugs, PNoy, when you do not have a headache," he said. "What's wrong with you? You are good ... Generals are your aides, Roxas's aides are drug-related, connected," he lambasted more. One of the officials Duterte was referring to is General Vicente Loot.
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In a statement released by Aquino in July, he defended his administration's so-called efforts to eradicate drug-related issues in the Philippines. He even dared to cite figures showing the decrease of drug users in his term.

"Sometimes some people are asking me what I did not do here, I left it etc ... just go back to the number of times we did not," Aquino said.

"When we first started, estimated at 1.7M, 1.3M decreased by 2015, when it was relatively close to arbitration and I had a connection and a strong pressure to slow down with arbitration, Again of 1.8M, "he added.

On Tuesday, Aquino claimed that the all-out war on drugs of the Duterte administration has not produced any result yet, stating, "it seems like nothing happened."

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said a statement that the former president was only trying to get political capital when shamelessly underestimated the efforts of the current adminstration and the results of war on drugs.

"Comments like the above from past leaders imply a jaded cynicism borne of a history of political opportunism," he said.

"One, the Duterte administration's anti-drug campaign resulted in the unprecedented voluntary surrender of more than 1.3 million drug personalities," he said.

"Two, 96, 703 drug personalities have been arrested in the first year of the present administration's anti-drug campaign compared to 77,810 drug personalities arrested in the six years of the previous administration," he added.

"Three, 2,445.80 kilos of shabu has been seized in the first year of the present administration's anti-drug campaign compared to the 3,219.07 kilos of shabu seized in the six years of the previous administration," Abella continued.

From Duterte, there are now four million drug dependents, which contradicted former Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) chair Benjamin Reyes own figures of drug addicts. Reyes claimed there were only 1.8 million drug dependents in the Philippines.

Moreover, Abella said the main aim of the administration is to totally stop the demands of narcotics, as well as the production, distribution and sales.

Source: NEWS5