Ex-lawmaker requested NBI to give him documented evidences supporting impeachment vs Bautista

Jacinto Paras, former Negros Oriental Representative sought the documents from National Bureau of Investigation for documents supporting the impeachment complaint against Commission on Elections chairman Andres Bautista.

Through advocate Manuelito Luna of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), he asked NBI Director Dante Gierran to secure him a certified true copy of Patricia Paz-Bautista's affidavit containing the claims that Bautista accumulated ill-gotten wealth amounting to nearly P1 billion.

Aside from Patricia's affidavit, Paras also wants to secure copies of 35 Luzon Development Bank passbooks, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation peso account documents and other documents that were earlier submitted to the NBI from Patricia's camp.

"Our said client is resorting to this request owing to the fact that the Committee on Justice of the House of Representatives will not accept any documents other than certified or original, appended to impeachment complaints," the letter stated.

"In the case of the impeachment against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, complainants VACC and the Vanguard of the Philippine Constitution Inc. had to request from the honorable Supreme Court en banc in order to meet such stringent requirement of the Committee on Justice."

He is also requesting a copy of COMELEC chairman's SALN from the Office of the Ombudsman.

In his SALN, Bautista only declared a net worth of P176.3 million on 2016, which is contrary to Patricia's claim - wherein she found documents of bank and real property bearing his husband's name and of his relatives which weren't stated his 2016 SALN.

Patricia also hinted that her husband could've kept some ghose employees in during his term as chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) wherein a certain Nilo Divina of the DivinaLaw Office gave commissions to Bautista as bribes for "assisting the law firm's clients with the Comelec."

In his defense, Bautista claimed that his estranged wife main motivation is greed, allowing herself to be used as a pawn by other people and groups " to promote a political agenda designed to cast aspersions on me and the Comelec's work in the 2016 elections."

Bautista received draft of the impeachment complaint against him. He said that it was sent to pressure him in signing a large amount of settlement to his estrange wife.

According to Patricia, the information she exposed  were discreetly provided by some friends and relatives - which led to her discovery of her estranged husband's ill-gotten wealth.

"Although I had no complete grasp of what these information meant, since I do not meddle nor inquire with Andy as to what he actually does in his public positions, but from all indications of the information relayed to me, it would appear that Andy has been doing something illegal, or at the very least, being dishonest in his public position(s)," she said.

It never crossed her mind that Andy is a corrupt official but with the information she received, she was convinced and started digging deeper, revealing dishonesty in her husband's work.

"One day, when Andy was at work, I accidentally found documents [I mentioned below] laying around in our house, including cash, gift-wrapped sitting in a bag in our living room. I glanced at some of these documents I saw and I began noticing that these are items and properties Andy owns, but which I was not made aware of," the affidavit stated.

"This led me to become more attentive and conscious of the other documents and papers that were laying around our house, and it was then that I began to discover more and more properties and money that I only became aware [of] for the first time."

Source: GMA,