EXPLAINED! Duterte's "War on Drugs" for dummies!

Ignorance is dangerous to anyone.

Not knowing facts and quickly believing in things selectively shown to us by the Philippines' mainstream media not to mention the intrusion of the international media and community is very unhealthy. Facts are left out, important information are ignored and not reported in news programs, newspapers and medias' news websites.

Why do they betray the public? Why do these people monopolize information and brainwashed us Filipinos?

Simply because of power, fame and fortune which is why these greedy creatures of some sort limit what they report, fearing that if the public finds out more of what is really happening, the eyes that were once blinded by lies, disguise and pretentious charade will finally see the truth, they will lose everything even their chance of dominating the Philippines once again.

One thing that they try to demonize so desperately is President Rodrigo Duterte's war on illegal drugs campaign.

A Facebook page, Can Thought Experiment, provided a video explaining Duterte's war on drugs.

Here are the information from the video.

From July 1 to August 30,2016, a total of 555,018 houses were visited, 12,920 suspects were arrested, 812 search warrants were implemented, 895 suspects were killed and 626,368 drug users and pushers voluntarily  surrendered to the authorities.

The figures means that 97.84 percent surrendered, 2.02 percent arrested while only 0.14 percent were killed.

So what about the extra-judicial killings being accused to Duterte? Did he really approved and urged his men to kill lawlessly?

Absolutely not. The video cited a part of the President's speech during his inauguration speech on June 30, 2016.

"As a lawyer and former prosecutor, I know the limits of the power and authority of the president. I know what is legal and what is not. My adherence to due process and the rule of law is uncompromising."

Also cited from his state of the nation address (SONA) on July 25, 2016.

"To our police officers and all their officials, do your job and you will have the unwavering support of the Office of the President. I will be with you all the way. Abuse your authority and there will be hell to pay. For you will have become worse than criminality itself. I order the National Police Commission to hasten the conduct of investigation and ajudication of administrative cases against police officers involved in criminal activity and illegal activities and prescribe policies on lifestyle checks for PNP members."

It also tackled if Duterte imposed a shoot-to-kill orders. Duterte said not to kill unless life is danger. In effecting arrest, if there is a violent resistance, the guy must be overcome in order "to bring him to the folds of the law" therefore putting the arresting officers lives in jeopardy, shoot. "Shoot him dead."

Regarding the vigilante killings, Duterte said it is not the works of the police to waste time wrapping their victims.

There are different drug cartels that kill other members of competing cartels. Drug lords also hire assassins to silent users and pushers who surrendered to prevent them from revealing their source of illegal drugs.

But these killings are blamed on Duterte by the Opposition. So in response, the President sarcastically told them why not put the blame on him for every dead person in morgues even those who died of natural death.

Meanwhile, cops where involved in drugs are relieved, investigated and prosecuted. Duterte even publicly named government officials involved in illegal drug trades - generals, police officials, congressmen, mayors, judges, and a senator. Can you guess who that senator might be?

Watch the video below:

Source: TTP