Faeldon challenged Sen. Ping Lacson and Rep. Barbers to file charges against him

On Tuesday, outgoing Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon challenged two lawmakers who have been accusing him of being the center of corruption in the corruption in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

These two lawmakers are Sen. Panfilo Lacson and Surigao del Norte Rep. Ace Barbers. During his privelege speech, the former accused Faeldon of receiving bribes which includes a P100-million "welcome gift" when he assumed top position in BOC. On the other hand, Barbers was the first one to call for Faeldon's resignation. The House committe on dangerous drugs that Barbers chairs approved the recommendation of filing criminal and administrative charges against the BOC Commissioner and also other officials of the bureau.

"I challenge you (Lacson) to file cases against all those you have named as involved in corruption. If you cannot file a case against us, that is such an idiotic move of yours," Faeldon said during flag-raising ceremony in his bureau.

"I also challenge Barbers who appears to be wanting to run again for the Senate. File a case immediately," he added.

He also fired back at Lacson for accusing him of accepting bribes when his son, Panfilo Lacson Jr., is engage in smuggling cement into the Philippines that is worth billions of pesos.

"Senator Lacson, you are wrong when you accused me that I have tolerated corruption in the bureau. You should have come here. The only clear corrupt practices done here, as far as my investigation is concerned, are the activities in which your son is involved," the outgoing commissioner said.

"I will prove that your son is involved in smuggling. I will file a case so that your hypocrisy can be uncovered," Faeldon added.

He also promised to seek justice for everyone who are being dragged in the said corruption allegations brought by Lacson.

"I will challenge the limitation of your immunity, in court and in public opinion," he told Lacson.

"If you really care for this bureau, help it. You can do a lot to help it so that it can be reformed," Faeldon said.

Faeldon also bragged about the 800 cases which were successfully resolved under his command and the other 1,400 cases that are still being investigated.

"Silently, our legal and accounts management office have conducted investigations. That’s why 800 cases have been resolved. There were importers who were suspended and their accreditation canceled," he said

"We are not loudmouthed like you, Senator Lacson. We silently conducted those investigations," he said.

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