Faeldon fires back at Lacson, "Kung hindi mo alam ang ilegal na negosyo ng Junior mo, eh bakit alam na alam mo ang mga nangyayari sa BOC??"

Following the serious accusations of Senator Panfilo Lacson to outgoing Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon as one of the most corrupt officials of Bureau of Customs, the latter lashes back at Lacson, accusing him and his son of smuggling cement.

In a press briefing of Faeldon in Taytay, a day after the senator gave his privilge speech on the corruption within BOC, wherein he accused the Commissioner of accepting bribes.

Faeldon said Panfilo Lacson Jr. is involved in corruption. He said he discovered it as early as July 2016 when Lacson Jr.'s company, Bonjourno Trading, had shipments of cement worth of P106 million and reduced the value by 50 percent.

"I gave the senator the benefit of the doubt na matino siya (that he is clean)," said Faeldon.

"Yesterday, he seems to know everything at the Bureau of Customs. Does he know this? O ikaw mismo pasimuno niyan (Or are you the one behind this)?" said Faeldon, referring to Lacson Jr's alleged smuggling activities.

Furthermore, he said that the government lost billions of revenue because of the son's undeclared shipments.

"Can he afford this? Did he pay the right tarriff? The right tax?" he asked.

Faledon tried to determine Lacson's motive for his exposé which lead him to tracking down the latter's son smuggling activities.

Several shipments of cement came in July 2016 which he was alerted by his employees about it, stating they were undervalued. Later on, he found out that the company was connected to the son of the senator. He claimed that the exposé was intended to remove Faeldon in order to cover their tracks.

"They want us out. They do not want the truth to come out. They want us all out, the 6 of us," he said, referring to the former military officers that he had recommended to key posts in the BOC who were also named in Lacson's list of alleged corrupt Customs officials.

He said he even sent Lacson a text message to ask him, "Ano ba ang motive mo to destroy us?"

"Sino ang kinatatakutan ni Senator Lacson?" he added.

Faeldon also accused the senator of planning another way to launch another attempt to run for presidency.

"Please don’t lie to the people para sumikat ka lang. My God, you are a senator, you are respected, and when you lie it is your responsibility that your statement will be investigated," he said.

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