Famous blogger lambasted COMELEC chairman Andy Bautista Staff : "YOU DONT WORK FOR BAUTISTA , OUR TAXES PAY YOUR SALARY"

A famous blogger lambasted Commission on Elections (COMELEC) chair Andres Bautista.

Krizette Laureta Chu uploaded a screenshot of what seems to be an article published in a media network's website. The article was about the employees of COMELEC who offered a mass for the wellness of their chairman Andres Bautista at the Manila Cathedral last Thursday.

However, as the employees try to cheer him up, Bautista made face. The caption on the article stated it was a 'sob' but looking at it, it wasn't anywhere near a weepy look. It was more of a strange twitching of his mouth - looks insulting, really.

"COMELEC staffers. You don't work for Andy Bautista. You work for us. Our taxes pay your salary," she wrote along the screenshot.

To show their support to Bautista, some employees of COMELEC offered a mass for him at the Manila Cathedral. Reports stated that the COMELEC chairman became emotional when "his" employees surrounded him. They were wearing white and bearing placards of support for their chairman.

Chu had previously berated the COMELEC chairman, as more of his dark secrets  were revealed by his wife.

A day before, she called him an '***hole' after learning that despite his billion-worth of  secret funds, Bautista does not give his wife allowance. Chu said Patricia Paz Bautista is working for Andy's mother and is paid like a regular employee. When Andy bailed his wife out of a P3.2-million credit card debt -  Patricia said, she was paying it with an interest included.

Just how much can this man be more petty?

This is what Chu posted:

"What an asshole. 
"He doesn't give his wife an allowance. She works for her mother and is paid like an employee. When she loans money from him, he charges
"He charges INTEREST!!!! 
"He made her pay for their children's tuition until they were in kindergarten. 
"I cannot with the douchebag-ness of Andy Bautista. 
"Girls, pray you don't end up with a man like him. 
"Saan? At Kung walang tinatago, at ayaw ma silip ng AMLA, bakit sa isang pipichuging bank na pag mamay ari ng kaibigan nya at hindi sa malalaking bank? SAGOT"

Patricia Paz claimed she found bank and real property documents bearing the name of is husban and relatives that weren't declared in Bautista's 2016 SALN - where he only declared a net worth of only P176.3 million.

Aside from those, she also claimed Bautista to have received ccommissions from Nilo Divina, managing partner of the DivinaLaw office, for "assisting the law firm's clients with the Comelec."

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Source (Krizzette Chu) (GMA)