Former soldier berated ex-PNoy saying the LP are the ones the be blamed for the killings

A former soldier couldn't contain his resentments towards former President Noynoy Aquino. The latter has yet again made remarks towards the so-called extra-judicial killings which the Philippine mainstream media, Liberal Party and the Opposition is blaming on President Rodrigo Duterte.

Abe Purugganan, in his Facebook post, wrote an open letter to the former chief executive saying that he is the one who should blamed for the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

He said if only Aquino did not permit the rapid reproduction of illegal drugs, protected drug lords and syndicates, if only the Liberal Party did not establish narco-politics in the Philippines, none of the killings have happened.

If only they did not allow the Philippine government to be used as a medium in illegal drug trades and if only truly loved the Filipinos and did their jobs as public servants, none of the killings had happened.

He also blamed the LP for pushing the ones engaged in illegal drug activities to their deaths.

They should "be tried in court for all these killings and sufferings."

Attached to his letter was the recent article regarding Aquino's remarks towards EJKs.

"To Nonoy Aquino: 
"There should have been no killings had you not permitted illegal drugs to proliferate.
"There should have been no killings had you not protected drug lords and drug syndicates.
"There should have been no killings had you and the Liberal Party not built narco politics in our country.
"There should have been no killings had you not allowed government to be used for illegal drug trade.
"There should have been no killings had you love the Filipino people and done your job.
"You led our people the addicts, couriers, pushers, drug lords, narco politicians, policemen, and soldiers to death. You led them all to be killed. The blood of those who were killed are now in your hands.
"Aside from this are millions of Filipinos whom you lead to fall as slaves and workers of the drug trade; and as victims
of drug addiction and who now continue to suffer because of your reckless, careless, and selfish leadership.
"You should be tried in court for all these killings and sufferings."

 Noynoy said that the killings happening since Duterte assumed office are not extra-judicial killings but murders, he emphasized.

"If you say there is extrajudicial killings, then it means there is judicial killing. But I remember, we do not have the death penalty, so there is no judicial killing. Therefore, there is no extrajudicial killing. No judicial, no extrajudicial. So clearly, there is murder, there is homicide taking place," he said in Filipino.
He was asked if the killings of alleged drug pusheres and users are state sponsored, Aquino said he has no say on such issue since he does not have any evidences that they are or not, but what he said was, "state has an obligation to protect all its citizens and go after all those who have committed infractions against society."

"May pinatay. May pumatay. Hanapin yung pumatay at bigyan ng kaukulang parusa," Aquino stated.

"I’ve always said that however which way one looks at it, in the Constitution and in the church that I belong to, one death is one too many," he added.

Looks like the former chief executive has no idea what he is talking about. This can happen to anyone who just always sits back and relax in their offices without doing anything to solve any issue. He just takes his monthly salary and his entire administration was only plans and plots to get rid of everyone he had beef with.

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