Grade 8 student, rape-murder victim in Bicol, Cries For Justice "WHERE IS HUMAN RIGHTS"

Where are the human rights advocates when they are needed? Nowhere to be found.

Cris Barcoma, a security guard residing in Bicol posted on his Facebook account the tragic fate of his sister. A picture of her lying on a shallow and muddy pit, naked and lifeless.

His post is devoured by rage and anger, seeking justice for his raped and murdered little sister.

"Hustisya para sa kapatid nmin.. Nerape na pinatay pa.. Nasan na ang mga kumukuntra sa death penalty? Nasan na ang human right?
Pag adik ang pinapatay puro kayo dakdak pag inosente tamimi kayo.. Mga walang kwentang human right!"

[Translations: Where are the people who are against death penalty? Where are the human rights [advocates]? When drug addicts are killed, the human rights advocates endlessly makes noise but when innocents lives are killed, you are all quiet. Useless human rights.]

Karen Barcoma, a grade 8 student was asked by her mother to go to a lending company to pay off their load but never in the mother's wildest dream that it'll be the last time she'll set her eyes on the daughter alive.

The child's body was found naked and violated with her undergarments thrown at the side. The pit where she was found was only few meters away from their home. A possibility that the girl was raped then killed.

Below is the brother's Facebook post.

Cris, on his post, was referring to the infamous Commission on Human Rights (CHR). The government agency which got recently popular for its fights to protect criminals and those alleged victims of extrajudicial killings.

What's unacceptable is that this CHR is also popular for keeping their mouth shut whenever innocent people are killed by criminals, no matter how heinous the crime is and horrible their deaths were.

Netizens were enraged with the girl's tragic death. The post was flooded with comments wanting to restore the death penalty for such committed crimes.

Sometimes it makes us wonder what is so great about the 17-year old grade 11 student that the Liberal Party, CHR and other Opposition cronies added him as a recipe to their discreet plan to oust President Rodrigo Duterte and focused on his case alone.

The teenager who was a drug runner by his own father is taking away all the attention from this innocent young girl's pitiful death.

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