Grieving Father of a drug victim lashes out and cursed LP and other "drug supporters" "Why Value life of an addict NOT the Victim?"

An unimaginable chaos brought by the massive support gained by the alleged drug runner, Kian delos Santos, created an even greater gap between the supporters and anti-Duterte sectors.

Several politicians even visited the 17-year old's wake which they never did victims of drug-influenced killers. Vice President Leni Robredo, Senator Antonio Trillanes, ex-VP Jejomar Binay and Senator Risa Hontiveros are some of the politicians who came to visit the wake.

But this was not well-accepted by families of those who were victimized and killed in drug-related crimes. None of them cared.

A grieving father feels nothing but hatred towards the Liberal Party and all those who mainly focuses their sympathy on killed drug addicts, pushers and others who are involved in illegal drug trade.

Nikki Piñero was the pregnant woman whose life ended by a surfer in rampage in Siquijor last April 2017. She was stabbed to death by Michael Manayon, a surfer who admitted to be high on drugs during the killing.

Nikki Piñero, 21, pregnant via Facebook

Nikki's father, Nino Piñero is still grieving for what happened to his daughter and to her unborn child. His resentments were expressed through his Facebook account, he said:

My Nikki Piñero and her unborn child, and to Lorraine Ramirez who were brutally murdered in Siquijor.
Ito ang ginawa ng mga drug addict supporters:
1. Rally sa mga LP.
2. Roman Catholic Bell Ringing every afternoon sa mga drug addict to be save.
3. CHR investigating for the loss of drug addict(s), and
3. Wow sa mga Phil. Senators may investigation for the drug addicts but to the victims no more.
Kitang-kita na kung sino talaga ang mga drug lord dito sa Pilipinas.
I curse all these people that what had happened to me and my family it will happen to you.

The horrific incident happened on April 2, Sunday night during the Philippines biggest longboard event, the VLT (Visayan Longboard Trilogy) held at Brgy. Solangon, San Juan, Siquijor.

Two women Lorraine Ramirez, 17 and Nikki Piñero, 21 and four months pregnant were brutally stabbed by a male rider who was on rampage while under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSG) - a mood potent and mood-changing chemical.

Lorraine Ramirez, 17, skater via Facebook

Lorraine was being stabbed by Manayon and Nikki ran to her to rescue the minor from the 34-year old stabber but the drug-crazed man turned to the pregnant woman and stabbed her to death.

The killing happened inside a house they were all renting at an unofficial campsite with no organisers, security, or marshals of any sort and was out of the organisers’ control.

 There were reports that Manayon lost to Lorraine's boyfriend and was also fearing they will report him for hiding marijuana. Instead of fighting against the boyfriend, the suspect went to the teen and stabbed her.

Michael Manayon, killer, 34 via Facebook

Carla Jean, a friend of Piñero, witnessed the stabbing to the teenager while she was hiding herself. She screamed in hopes that Piñero will run away but the latter couldn't leave the Ramirez so she run towards them.

The two were announced dead on arrival when taken to the hospital.

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