Jovit Baldivino, no show to his daughter's 1st birthday; later posted a message to his baby

Jovit Baldivino, the first grand winner of ABS-CBN's nationwide talent show "Pilipinas Got Talent" (PGT) was recently involved in a controversy where his ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez suspected the singer cheating with another women, leading Chavez to break-up with him.

The ex-couple has a 1-year old daughter, who recently celebrated her first birthday in Batangas, however, Jovit was a no-show.

Previous reports stated that Chavez chose not to invite the father of their child but she clarified that he had the choice to whether to come or not, but there was no Jovit did not showed up, thinking that maybe he really doesn't care about Akeya -  the name of their daughter.

Although he was not present, Jovit took it to Facebook and wrote a message to his daughter, stating how much he loves and misses her a lot.

"Happy 1st Birthday anak, Mahal na mahal ka nang daddy kahit ano mangyari, sobrang miss na miss kana nang daddy mo, iloveyou Keya bunday,,,"

As of now, his Facebook post have accumulated 922 reactions and birthday greeting comments by some of his supporters.

Shara Chavez made her first appearance through a media network program where she revealed the reasons why she chose to break up with Jovit.

"As a woman I really hurt that she gave us time and effort to visit a woman while we were in the baby just waiting for the house," she shared.

Added to her heartaches, Jovit did not even made the effort to deny the allegations, even criticizing the PGT grand winner's post, asking his fans to stay calm and claiming he already did everything he can to fix their issue. To Chavez, it was an admission of guilt.

According to her, Jovit also has gambling problems which they always fought about. "I stopped him but I also came to the point that I was tired of saying."

Their relationship was firstly revealed back in May 2016. She was a fan who managed to become Jovit's girlfriend and on July 2016, they had their first child

Rumors started circulating when the singer was also a no-show during their child's christening. During that time, the singer have been posting cryptic quotes on Instagram about cutting ties with someone and the importance of loyalty.

In his defense, Jovit said that he was busy with work. He also responded with to the break up news saying, "Yes, sometimes I made a mistake and repented but forced to raise everything that I lacked because I was not a bad guy."

"Most of you know that, but if you believe in that, I can not do anything because I do not hold your thoughts."

Source: ABS-CBN, Facebook