Karen Davila furious on Pulong Duterte for not attending Senate hearing

Contrary to what she said, Karen Davila had a tone of anger and displeasant while ranting about Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo "Pulong" Duterte and his brother-in-law Atty. Mans Carpio who did not attend Senate hearing to defend themselves against accusations of being the people behind the alleged "Davao Group" which facilitates smuggling in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

She said her words were nothing personal but then she would go and say, "This is important to me" if nothing is personal, she would've just said, "this is important" why emphasized that it was important to her.

To Davila, what the two was unfair since her name was also mentioned during the hearing. Why must ordinary individuals attend the hearing but them, especially Pulong Duterte since he is a elected governement official.

This is what the journalist said:

"Pasensya na ha sa sino mang tamaan, wala akong kinakampihan. Ang sinabi, "You have hold the first family at a higher standard". Babaguhin ko po, kung kayo ay first family, kayo ay nasa gobyerno dapat kayo ay beyond reproach, anong ibig sabihin?
"Walang duda sa inyo, walang duda sa pagkatao nyo, walang duda sa kredibilidad niyo. Kung totoo na walang kinalaman si Paolo Duterte, vice mayor sya, binanggit ang pangalan nya sa senado. Ito ang tanong ko, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, di ako galit ah, this is not personal. Bat di kayo pumunta sa senado? Ang pangalan nyo ay binabanggit ng isang testigo. This is very important to me.  
"Ang pangalan nyo ay binabanggit ng isang testigo, si Atty. Man Carpio na asawa ni Mayor Sara, o ito nakita ko he criticized Antonio Trillanes sa Facebook, hindi ko kinakampihan si ano ha, si Trillanes. Bat di mo ipaliwanag sa senado. 
"Ang point ko eto lang, bakit kung sino pang ordinaryong indibidwal kailangan pong sumipot sa senado, bakit po kayo hindi pwede, ay sorry! Vice mayor kayo, that you're an elected official, am I correct? What spares you and not everybody else? 

"O eto, kung si Karen Davila binanggit sa senado partner, are you telling me makakalusot ako sa senado, dedepensahan ako ni Sen. Gordon at sasabihin nya, e binanggit mo lang si Karen Davila anong basis mo, hello? Sinabpoena nako non, eto lang ang tanong ko, you are a public official.  
"Hindi po ito personal, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte it is your responsibility in fact, to clarify your name, to clean it. Binabanggit kayo ng isang testigo under oath, under oath sa senado at eto namang mga senador, eto pong tanong ko, kahit elected official po or ordinaryong tao, pantay-pantay kami. Hindi po porket miyembro ng first family, hindi nyo ipapatawag, yan po ang opinyon ng isang tax payer na tulad ko. Sana patas po, ipatawag nyo lahat ng binabanggit under oath sa senado, walang takot yan."

So, this is not personal to her? Hello? Why will they attend when the Senate didn't even request for their presence or subpoena them? It's not like she too would go if she wasn't subpoenaed.

Watched the video below:

A clash between two senators happened during the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on Thursday.

This was when Sen. Antonio Trillanes urged the Senate to summon VM Pulong Duterte and Mans Carpio to their next hearing. He claimed that the witness, Mark Taguba, was being badgered and since it was Sen. Richard Gordon questioning the witness.

"Are you accusing the chair or Senator Sotto of badgering the witnesses?" Gordon said.

"You're so fond of making general statements. If you want to make general statements you better prove it," said Gordon.

"This is the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines. This is not a cockpit of chismis (gossip)," he added.

Irrirated by Trillanes uncalled behaviour and trolling, Gordon declared Trillanes "out of order" and hammeed his gavel. Gordon was also offended when Trillanes called the committee a "committee de absuwelto".

"I will move for your contempt then," Gordon said.

He also berated on Senate Majority Leader Vicente "Tito" Sotto for rejected the summoning request for the two presidential family members.

"I heard the majority floor leader saying it's hearsay. Hindi ito korte ha, this is just an investigative body, we are just establishing the truth, fini-ferret out natin ang truth. Let them defend themselves. Huwag tayong mag-abogado sa kanila," Trillanes said.

Sotto then denounced the accusations of Trillanes, he said, "Hindi ako nag-aabogado. Ang sinabi ko, if you overheard me, pag-aralan muna ng committee sapagkat hearsay -- it doesn't mean na huwag. Huwag niyo akong pagbibintangan."

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